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Freedom and Flexibility


Virtual K-12 Hands-On Learning Starts Here!


Since 2014, CCS has offered a substantial selection of online learning that is flexible in design so you can mix and match course types to create the schedule that works best for you!

Look through our virtual offerings and exclusive program options to see what sparks your interest!

Choose your courses and enroll today!

Our engaging instructional videos, interactive lessons and one-to-one tutoring will alleviate the burden of parents thinking they will carry the load of instruction while students are at home. Our online interactive award-winning programs combine the technology kids love with the education they need to make learning fun! Concepts are presented using humor, animated lessons, instructional videos and fun assessments.


State Aligned and Custom Designed courses based on individual learning styles, levels, and abilities. Meeting students at their present learning level or skill, not where someone else expects them to be.
Promoting critical thinking and independent learning while enriching the educational experience beyond the walls of the traditional classroom.
Our Hands-On, Interactive, State-Aligned Courses include fully customizable, self-paced media-rich lessons, complete with flexible supporting coursework to ensure each student achieves academic success based upon their individual learning styles, levels, and abilities.
• Web-Based • Interactive • Blended Learning
* Aligned to national and state standards
* Accredited Programs
* Library of over 27,000 videos on all major subjects
* Over 600 on-line courses to choose from!
* On-Line Lesson Options for every grade level and every type of learner
* User-friendly for both student and parent
* Over 100 career courses
*Transition Education Services
* Powerful easy to use reporting for state, college or other school districts
* Certified Staff
* Personalized Education
*Founded 2014
AP   504   GT    CTE    Dual Credit    
Agricultural & Equine Sciences, Industrial Trades, Health Careers, and Transition Education Services
Let us help you design a flexible self-paced learning plan with goals based on your personal, academic and career interests!

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CCS is a THSC Partner Group

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Why CCS?

Virtual K-12 Hands-On Learning Starts Here!

State-Aligned Custom-Designed On-Line Learning Programs

Fully Accredited On-Line Learning Programs

RE-OPENING PLANS for 2020-2021


Admissions, Application and Information

Welcome to Crossroads Christian School and

thank you for your interest.


Our roles as mentors and educators offer a level of individualized care that no other school can provide as we foster individual achievement through flexible, personalized learning.

CCS partners with multiple education companies and educational consultants to provide the best choice of learning options for your child.  CCS teachers build a personalized education based on your child's educational needs, creating lessons for every student, at every grade level, and for every type of learner.


Applying is easy using our Online Application.




Integrated Academics makes learning relevant to real-world expectations and helps students gain and improve their academic skills. Small class sizes and qualified instructors ensure that students get the education they need to be successful.


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Kindergarten: Monday-Thursday

1st - 5th grade: Monday-Thursday


Junior High:

6th grade: Monday-Thursday

7th grade: Tuesday/Thursday

8th grade: Monday/Wednesday


High School:

9th and 10th: Monday/Wednesday

11th and 12th: Tuesday/Thursday