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We combine flexible independent study with the best of classroom learning.

  • Personalized Curriculum
  • Textbook-Based Online Instruction
  • Textbook-Based Instruction
  • Independent Study
  • Learning Centers
  • Workshops
  • Mentorship

Students need to be allowed to learn at a level appropriate for their cognitive abilities. Our roles as mentors and educators offer a level of individualized care that no other school can provide, as we foster individual achievement through flexible and personalized learning.

We take student learning beyond the classroom, engaging each student every day with our one-on-one and small group instruction.


Web-Based   •   Interactive   •   Blended Learning
* Aligned to national and state standards
* Accredited Program Options
* On-Line options for grades K-12
* User-friendly for both student and parent
* Over 100 career courses
* Powerful easy to use reporting for state, college or other school districts
* Certified Staff
* Personalized Education
AP    504    CTE     Dual Credit    
Agricultural & Equine Sciences, Industrial Trades, Health Careers

CCS is a THSC Partner Group

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Campus Schedule


Kindergarten: Monday-Thursday

1st - 5th grade: Monday-Thursday


Junior High:

6th grade: Monday-Thursday

7th grade: Tuesday/Thursday

8th grade: Monday/Wednesday


High School:

9th and 10th: Monday/Wednesday

11th and 12th: Tuesday/Thursday