Shannon Mitchamore

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Our Director's commitment to students, parents, and the community is demonstrated in her passion for the classroom. She understands that no two students enter a classroom with identical abilities, experiences, or needs. Culture, language proficiency, background knowledge, learning style, readiness to learn, and other dynamics can vary widely.

Her experience teaching differentiated and direct instruction takes each student’s unique goals, interests, and needs into account, creating effective instruction and activities to accommodate them.

University of Houston: Bachelor of Science Psychology, classes on Human Development with an emphasis in counseling.
University of Houston: Second degree, BA in English Literature, pending.
10 years of volunteer work in both women’s and children’s ministries.
10 years in public and private school instruction both college preparatory and special education. Classroom instruction includes the following: Social Studies, Honors English, Writing for College and Career, Journalism, Speech, Teen Leadership, Art, Special Education: ELAR and Inclusion.
2 years Dell Computer Corporation, Finance Associate, Higher Education K-12
2 years Dell Computer Corporation, Software Analyst
Special Education, Cade Middle School
Special Education EC-12, Intern Certificate (previous)
Professional Development:
Over 72 hours of professional development: Education Practices for Students with Learning Disabilities and Emotional/Social Disorders, Education Practice for Students with Cognitive Disorders, Classroom Management; Capturing The Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetic Learner, How The Brain Learns, Engaging Students, Time Management in the Classroom, Components of Effective Lesson Planning, Formal Assessment, Mental Health Issues in Schools, Questioning Strategies and Feedback, Teaching Strategies that Work, Technology in the Classroom, Reading for the Secondary Teacher, Understanding the TEKS, Child Development and Motivation to Learn, Components of Effective Instruction, Reading for the Elementary Teacher, Teaching English Language Learners, The Texas Educator Code of Ethics, Differentiating Instruction, Preparing for the Profession, Special Populations in the Classroom, Characteristics of Effective Teachers, Special Education in the General Education Classroom, Applying Cl Mgmt Strategies and Techniques, Techniques of Classroom Management, Theories of Classroom Management, Community of Learners, Field Observation and Reflection.
Shannon is a Texas Association of School Psychologists Affiliate and plans to pursue a Master's Degree in the near future.