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I have to tell you my day was made when my daughter called me and told me she had math homework and proceeded to tell me that she figured out how to do division. She also said that she really likes having a math teacher that can help her when she doesn’t get it! That's what happened before, she wouldn't get it and no one would help her understand it, but the teacher now sits down and explains it so she gets it! Made me know she's where she needs to be! Thank you so much!!! And please share with the math teacher!

Just makes me swell that she's happy to do the work because she gets it!!!!

"The most well mannered children we've seen. We would like for your school to absolutely come back.  Usually there are books everywhere on the floor, but there was nothing for us to put away."

- Victoria Public Library

I'm so thankful God placed this school in Victoria. Thank you to all the wonderful teachers and staff that make this possible.

I have so many reason why I love this school! My children absolutely love it! They have changed in so many positive ways, there in-depth knowledge of The Word has grown so much in just a few months, and they feel so loved and happy everyday they go to school. They feel acceptance from the kids and faculty. It's been amazing! I have cried so many times from the many changes my kids have made from there passion for Gods Word, there joy, the confidence they now have in doing academics, and so much more. This school is a God sent and as I have told parents who have asked me "I it an investment worth every penny for our children and their future!" I can go on about the testimonies of how much this school has made a difference in our lives and our children. The peace is brings every day is amazing!!

Thank you Crossroad Christian, we appreciate all your efforts, you are doing a great job!

We started our four year old in kindergarten and wanted a small environment that would have a more personal approach to teaching and we certainly found it! Our son wakes up everyday excited that it is a school day! He has proclaimed that he loves homework and he delights in doing it. The school is amazing and I could not ask for more

Children are happy, so blessed to have this school available to them.

WOW! She loves her new school...She jumped in the car today and told me she had a wonderful day!! Thank you Crossroads Christian...So glad we found you!!!

We are so proud of Crossroads Christian School!!!!! God sent these children and awesome teachers to our facility, First English Lutheran Church, when we needed a mission. God gave us the BEST!!!! Glory be to God!!!!

"We do this at a lot of schools, but we’ve never seen problem solving skills like this in any other group”

– Children’s Discovery Museum, WeDo Lego Robotics


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