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September 5, 2017, 12:00 AM

Welcome Back after the Hurricane

Dear Parents and Students,

First and foremost, we hope that this letter finds you safe and sound. The past two weeks have been difficult for all of us and our thoughts go out to those of you who have suffered any losses from the hurricane.

Let us give you an update on how things stand as far as the school is concerned. School is up and running. Power has been restored for quite a while. This afternoon the internet was restored; however Ignitia (our on-line program) will not be reinstated until Monday at the earliest. There are still families and some staff without power and those that do have power don't necessarily have internet access.  We are working towards adjusting dates and reassigning units: lessons, quizzes, projects and tests. Students need not worry about any on-line past due assignments.

ON CAMPUS: we are working on grade level projects and assignments - which will be graded and entered as grades for progress reports/report cards.

Part of our program is on-line (for grades 3-12) but that is only a part of our program.

A major portion of grades come from: workshops, hands-on work stations, journals and projects which are not on-line. Students are expected to participate and turn their work in when projects are assigned.

Today, the junior high and high school students had fun playing a challenging game that used student interaction and taught: physical, topographical, environmental, and geographical regions of the world. Included were cultural diversity, regional facts and note taking skills.

The elementary students jumped right back into their cursive writing, math and other subjects but also worked on their geography skills. They were learning to locate and identify the continents and state capitals. They also learned about compassion and community service as Mrs. Fojt was able to talk to them about volunteering with Convoy of Hope last week.

At the end of the units they are all going to have fun making 3D maps of the word!

Check out the photos on our Facebook page to see how much fun they were having!

As this week continues to bring each student back to some normalcy, I would like to remind everyone that some of our staff, families, and neighbors are still facing challenges. Those that have been affected by the hurricanes' devastation face obstacles and hardships that might make life difficult in the next few days/months/years. I truly believe that God uses people to help others through these difficulties.  I've never seen more compassion and stewardship than I have in the last few weeks. The love shown in our community and the State of Texas is beyond measure.

Let us all continue to work together to ensure that hope continues.

Thank you for your understanding as we work through car-line, on-line curriculum modifications, internet issues and other annoyances that continue to challenge us in our daily walk.  

We thank you parents for your support.


Shannon Mitchamore
Teaching the Mind ~ Training the Heart

Office (361) 212-3078 Fax (972) 236-0026

105 W. Stayton Victoria, Texas 77901

CEAI, THSC, HSLDA Member School

May 6, 2017, 12:00 AM

Senior Night 2017

Senior Night hosted by our Junior Class

The juniors are gearing up for their final year of high school while bidding farewell to the soon-to-be-departing seniors. The junior class is hosting a night to honor the Class of 2017.

Tickets: $40.00.

Deadline: Tickets need to be purchased by Tuesday at 3pm.

Tickets are on sale in the office. No tickets will be available at the door.

Dinner: The Sendera: Friday night. 6pm.  Students and their families should plan to sit together at the dinner. See below for the menu options.

Dress:  Semi-formal dress for students. To keep this a tradition of elegance, we ask that chaperones, family and friends dress in their best, but do not have to dress in semi-formal attire.

Dance:  to follow dinner. Anyone can join in the dance. Please feel free to stay and enjoy the festivities.

* Parents please email me photos for the slideshow.

We have an amazing night planned full of surprises honoring our students.

Please join us!



The Menu:

Soup or Salad

White Cheddar Poblano Soup

Sharp white cheddar, poblanos, bacon, garlic and onions melted to creamy perfection. Garnished with crustinis and chopped bacon


Sendera House Salad Mesclun greens, carrot, onions, tomato, cucumber ring, pickled red onion, balsamic dressing



Flank Steak

10oz grilled flank steak topped with charred baby tomatoes, green onions and fresh parsley, served with chimichurri and mashed potatoes and vegetable medley

Grilled Stuffed Chicken Breast

Stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, basil, mozzarella cheese served with tomato cream sauce and jasmine rice and vegetable medley

Pork Tenderloin

Marinated Pork Tenderloin topped with blackberry Hoisin sauce and green onion and jasmine rice and vegetable medley



Chocolate Terrine

Pecan Praline Cheesecake

October 12, 2015, 9:17 PM

Student-Centered Learning

Great article on student-centered learning:

“A student-centered learning environment enables an educator to deal effectively with all types of students in the same classroom. A student-centered learning environment encourages students to become independent learners and ultimately to be in charge of their own education.  There are many exciting examples of successful strategies and programs in which the students are not only allowed, but encouraged and required, to take responsibility for much more of their learning than ever before.

Do-it-yourself, student-to-student teaching, project-based learning, and student-centered learning environments are some of the more encouraging programs. Also, the integration of technology into every subject and at all grade levels allows unprecedented levels and types of exciting collaboration and learner to learner connectivity.

The following are some links to posts by authors who have written about these methodologies.”

article here

August 18, 2014, 12:00 AM

Great article(S) on homeschooling...ENJOY!


HOME-SCHOOLING: Socialization not a problem

One of the most persistent criticisms of home-schooling is the accusation that home-schoolers will not be able to fully participate in society because they lack "socialization." It's a challenge that reaches right to the heart of home-schooling, because if a child isn't properly socialized, how will that child be able to contribute to society?

Homeschooling Grows Up, a study comparing home-schoolers who are now adults with their peers.
When measured against the comparable population:

  • 34 were more socially engaged (69 percent participated in organized activities at least once per week, compared with 48 percent of the comparable population).
  • Average income for home-schoolers also was higher.
  • Home-schoolers also were happier; 67.3 percent described themselves as very happy, compared with 43.8 percent of the comparable population.
  • Almost all of the home-schoolers — 96 percent — thought home-schooling had prepared them well for life.

Read more: The Washington Times 


The Washington Times


HOME-SCHOOLING: Socialization not a problem


© The Washington Times


Behold: the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschooling themattwalshblog

public education vs. home education

  • homeschoolers outperform public schooled kids on standardized tests
  • homeschooled kids are more prepared for college,
  • homeschoolers achieve a higher 4th year GPA

homeschooled kids aren’t properly socialized.

It’s an argument that seems to march on, even after it’s been disproven, discredited, deconstructed…an article (here) cites at least two different studies proving this assertion to be a myth.


Read how Home Schoolers Perform in College.

Read how Academic Testing Proves Home Schooling Works.


One-on-one, self-paced education works

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