Director Arbor at the Crossroads. Specialized Instruction. Registered Nurse.

Lara Parker

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CCS students receive specialized resource study and life skills with Lara Parker,
program director for Arbor at the Crossroads.

Flexible Personalized Learning

One-On-One     Small Group     Self-Paced Instruction

Limited enrollment

Lara Parker provides a comprehensive special education program serving the individual academic, social, emotional, and career education needs of each of her students.
The Arbor program develops and implements individualized educational programs that ensure each student reaches his or her highest level of achievement and independence to help them to become contributing members of their communities.
Functional and life skills education are provided and an extensive career education and school-to-work transition program prepares students for adult life. Social Skills or “soft skills” are emphasized to maximize each student’s ability to participate in various social settings in the greater community.
With a history of serving students with disabilities, Lara’s mission, curriculum, facilities and supporters are focused on meeting the academic, career and life needs of its students and supporting their families as their children grow. 
Inclusion & Mainstream Classrooms at
Crossroads Christian School

Off-Campus Apartment and Acreage for Lifeskills, Agriculture, 4-H

Community Outreach * Field Trips * Special Olympics *

Life-skills can include: Farming, Cooking, Cleaning, Home Maintenance…

Learning for Life


  • Safety
  • Calendar
  • Self-concept
  • Parts of the Body
  • Grooming
  • Clothing Care



  • Dressing
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Nutrition
  • Wellness
  • Table Manners
  • Meal Preparation


  • Managing Finances
    • How to count money/make change
    • Personal budgeting
    • Checkbook management
    • Credit Card management
  • Decision-making skills
    • How to get Help
    • Knowing the Consequences of a Bad Decision
    • Developing and Evaluating Alternatives
    • Developing Goals
  • Vocational Opportunities
    • Rewards of Work
    • Sources of Training
    • How Work relates to Developing Self-Esteem
    • Job Classifications
  • Planning & Preparation
    • Identifying Vocational Interests
    • Choosing a Job
    • Identifying Requirements
    • Abilities and Skills
  • Mental Skills needed for Good Work Habits
    • Following Directions
    • Importance of Punctuality
    • Being a Team Member
    • Understanding Authority
  • Seeking a Job
    • Looking for a Job
    • Applying for a Job
    • Interviewing for a Job
    • Understanding Job Standards





The mission of the Arbor program is to provide a personalized learning environment to special needs students age thirteen and older. We believe in leading our students into our communities with the life skills necessary to become integral and productive citizens.


  • Provide a welcoming and appropriate setting that enables the individual student the opportunity to grow and develop their academic and personal goals.
  • Meet the unique needs of each individual student thru small teacher to student ratios
  • Offer customized, student specific educational plans
  • Develop independence thru basic life skills
  • Build and expand skills needed in the community and job environment
Program Director: Lara Parker 361-212-3078
Specialized Instruction, Arbor at the Crossroads
Registered Nurse with the State of Texas, since 2005

The Arbor program: Arbor at the Crossroads, is officialy a branch of Crossroads Christian School