Math and Science High School.

Glenn Howard

Lead teacher responsible for scheduling teachers and students, tracking student progress during placement. Communication with parents, students, staff, and administration. Developed curriculum to meet state and local standards of student achievement.
Initiated level system based on student progress to encourage student participation and success and to encourage improved student attendance.
Improved student performance to enhance better grades, improve self-respect and self-worth, set goals for future success and job market and future goals.
Managed and reviewed yearly campus improvement plan.
Consulted on Advisory Council and Attendance Improvement Board.
Bachelor of Science: Biology/Chemistry Southwestern OSU
Lead Teacher
Science Club Sponsor
Science and Math with Laboratory Teaching Skills
Sylvan Learning Center; June 2015 to present
Secondary Science Teacher
Victoria ISD, August 1991 to June 2015
Secondary Science Teacher
Calhoun County ISD, August 1989 to June 1991
Teacher Certification Texas A&I Kingsville