March 19, 2020, 10:00 AM

UPDATE 8/08/2020 

Updated Return to School








How will faculty and staff prepare for reopening?

All staff will receive training on updated health and safety protocols related to COVID-19.


Will there be COVID-19 testing for staff and students?

No, students and staff should consult with a physician for testing.


Will students and staff be screened for COVID-19?

Parents will be asked to complete screening steps each morning before bringing their children to school. Staff also will self-screen. As needed, non-touch temperature checks and screening of students, by a staff member, will occur at designated spots.


Will CCS have a space for students who develop symptoms while at school?

Yes, an “isolation area” will be designated to separate a student who reports symptoms.


What if a student or staff member gets sick?

If a student or staff member in school is sick, has been exposed to COVID-19, or tests positive for COVID-19, CCS will follow all guidance from federal, state, and local agencies. The individual will be required to stay home throughout the infection period, and will not be able to return to campus until certain conditions for campus re-entry have been met. A staff member or student will need to meet the CDC criteria for return if they are displaying symptoms, presumed positive or have received a confirmed positive COVID-19 test. CCS is following TEA guidelines regarding next steps for those who have been exposed to a diagnosed individual. Details below.


What process will the school follow if a student/staff member receives a COVID-19 diagnosis?

CCS is required to notify the Health Department to report the case. The Health Department will take appropriate steps regarding contact tracing. The school will deep-clean classrooms, shared space, and/or areas where that individual had been. The school will notify classmates and parents, although federal privacy laws prevent a patient from being identified by name. CCS will use guidance from local health authorities to determine the "reach" of notices and quarantine plans.


How long will the individual have to stay out of school?

In the case of an individual who was diagnosed with COVID-19, the individual may return to school when all three of the following criteria are met (after 10-14 days of quarantine):

1) At least 24 hours have passed since recovery (resolution of fever without the use of fever-reducing medications);

2) The individual has improvement in symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and

3) at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.


What if a student exhibits symptoms that could be associated with other illnesses?

If a student displays COVID symptoms, CCS will follow protocol as outlined in the TEA "SY 20-21 Public Health Planning Guide" released June 23, 2020 for reopening school. These symptoms include: fever, cough, loss of taste/smell, difficulty breathing, shortness of breath, headache, chills, sore throat, shaking or exaggerated shivering, significant muscle pain or ache, and diarrhea.

Students displaying these symptoms will be moved to the isolation area and parents will be asked to pick up the child within 30 minutes. *Parents it is urgent to self-screen your children before dropping them off at school.

If the individual has symptoms that could be COVID-19 and wants to return to school before completing the standard 10-14 stay-at-home period, the individual must either (a) obtain a medical professional’s note clearing the individual for return based on an alternative diagnosis or (b) receive one confirmations that they are free of COVID via acute infection tests at an approved COVID-19 testing location.


What if someone was in close contact, or may have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19?

CCS is following TEA guidelines regarding next steps for those who have been exposed to a diagnosed individual (see Close Contact). Depending on the level of exposure, next steps may range from self-monitoring and taking additional safety precautions while on campus, to staying home and self-monitoring for 10-14 days, or even undergoing testing prior to return.

Close Contact

TEA refers to “close contact” with an individual who is lab-confirmed to have COVID-19. The definition of close contact is evolving with our understanding of COVID-19, and individual scenarios should be determined by an appropriate public health agency.

In general, close contact is defined as:

a. being directly exposed to infectious secretions (e.g., being coughed on, sneezed on); or

b. being within 6 feet for a cumulative duration of 15 minutes; however, additional factors like case/contact, face coverings (i.e., both the infectious individual and the potential close contact have been consistently and properly masked), ventilation, presence of dividers, and case symptomology may affect this determination.

Either (a) or (b) defines close contact if it occurred during the infectious period of the case, defined as two days prior to symptom onset to 10 days after symptom onset. In the case of asymptomatic individuals who are lab-confirmed with COVID-19, the infectious period is defined as two days prior to the confirming lab test and continuing for 10 days following the confirming lab test.


COVID-19 Symptoms

The following symptoms are consistent with COVID-19.

For self-screening and campus evaluation, consider the following question: Have you recently begun experiencing any of the following in a way that is not normal for you?

o Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit

o Loss of taste or smell

o Cough

o Difficulty breathing

o Shortness of breath

o Fatigue

o Headache

o Chills

o Sore throat

o Congestion or runny nose

o Shaking or exaggerated shivering

o Significant muscle pain or ache

o Diarrhea

o Nausea or vomiting


Will school shut down if a staff member or student with COVID-19 exposes other members in the school?

Although we do not anticipate another closure, the need to shut down an entire campus will depend on the number of cases, the level of contact, isolation of groups and guidance from health authorities.


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What safety protocols will be taken inside buildings?

CCS is following all guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and other governing authorities that assist with the safety of facilities and determining appropriate measures such as: controlling building access, reducing touch points, increasing cleaning, and planning for social distancing.

Additionally, CCS has provided face coverings, desk dividers and limited on-campus capacity.


How will CCS ensure social distancing in classrooms?

Where feasible and without disrupting the educational experience, measures will be implemented for students to maintain six feet between each other to support social distancing.  In classrooms where students are regularly within six feet of one another, the following will be applied:  individual desk dividers, facial coverings, more frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizing, and considerations for increased airflow when possible.  Campus will operate in smaller groups and at a lower capacity.

Will students and staff be required to wear face coverings?

Yes, both staff and students for whom it is developmentally appropriate will be required to wear face masks or some type of face covering while in the building, which is aligned with Governor Abbott’s order issued July 2, 2020. There are exceptions when face coverings can be removed (e.g., activities, eating, etc.). Each staff and student will be provided one face covering (face shield). However, due to limited national supply, staff and students will be encouraged to replace any lost or missing face covering.


What if a student has a health condition and is advised not to wear a face mask?

Allowances may be considered for students who have conditions that prohibit them from wearing a covering. If a student is medically unable to wear a face covering, we will develop a plan to accommodate that student’s learning needs.  Please contact the director.


How will the use of face coverings by students be enforced?

Campus staff will remind students when they notice a covering is not being worn correctly. Signs will also be placed throughout campus.


What if a student forgets a face covering?

Parents will be notified to bring their student the proper face covering. The CCS office will have disposable face masks (not shields) available for students. These are limited in supply.


How will personal hygiene be reinforced?

Aligned with CCS policies already in place: students will receive instruction on appropriate hygiene practices and will be reminded and requested to wash hands frequently. Signage will be prominently displayed in appropriate areas, hand sanitizer will be available at multiple locations throughout the campus, and thorough hand washing will be required after recess, before and after eating, following restroom breaks, and periodically throughout the day.  Lower elementary students have hand washing stations in classrooms and hand sanitizing stations will be located throughout the building.


Is CCS taking any steps regarding ventilation that may help with circulation?

CCS is taking into account recommendations from national sources including the CDC to increase ventilation and increase the amount of fresh air in rooms and the buildings.


Are dividers going to be used?

CCS is providing individual desk dividers for all students in every classroom: based on grade level, room layouts, tables vs. desks, and type of class. These will be placed in a way that will provide an extra layer of separation between students in classrooms where the layout or age level is challenging with regard to social distancing.


How will the campus be cleaned?

Commonly used surfaces and areas will be thoroughly and frequently disinfected.  Classrooms and restrooms will be professionally deep cleaned weekly, and disinfected daily, with concentration on high-touch and common areas, the cafeteria will be disinfected between lunch periods and staff will have access to disinfectant to sanitize working surfaces and shared objects after each use and during breaks in instruction. Each student will be responsible for maintaining a clean workspace, cleaning up their personal belongings, and isolating their provided supplies (not sharing).


What will classroom cleaning protocols for younger elementary grades with more hands-on areas look like?

Designated areas of campus will be equipped with various disinfectants. Teachers (at all grade levels) have disinfectant spray bottles to touch up areas throughout the day. Hand-Held Mist Sprayers will be available in each classroom to be used as frequently as needed, to disinfect high-touch areas in pods and classrooms, potentially spraying classrooms when students are at lunch, in another location, and at the end of each day.


How will physical items, equipment or books be cleaned/disinfected?

The practices regarding sharing items will be revised to minimize use by multiple students as CCS provides each student with their own manipulatives, school supplies, etc. For some items, students may use their own (laptops, etc). PE and other shared equipment will be sanitized and wiped down after each use.


How will bathroom breaks be structured for elementary students?

CCS implements practices that limit the number of students in restrooms at a given time, especially with consideration given to social distancing recommendations. Protocols will vary slightly by grade level depending on layout of the building, location and size of restrooms, etc.


Will visitors be allowed on campus?

Parents are asked to please limit visits to campus as much as possible. Because activities that typically attract groups of visitors will not be held (assemblies, etc.), the flow of visitor traffic will be minimal. Virtual meetings will be used as a first option and maximized as the mode for meetings. For situations that still require parents or others to enter school buildings, they will be required to wear face coverings, maintain physical distancing, and use the hand sanitizer located at all entry points.

All parents are asked to self-screen for possible symptoms before entering the building.


How will campus meetings/conferences for parents be held?

We will proceed virtually or by phone to minimize on-campus presence. CCS hopes to resume on-campus meetings/conferences as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.


How will meals be offered to students?

Lunch service will start the week of September 8th. CCS will ensure safety for students and staff and in line with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Texas Education Agency recommendations.


Will school close if a staff member or student with COVID-19 exposes other members in the school?

The need to shut down an entire campus will depend on the level of contact, isolation of groups and guidance from health authorities.

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What do I do if I get sick?

If an employee becomes ill or presents with the list of symptoms consistent with COVID-19, he/she is directed to not come to work. Employees are asked to seek appropriate medical attention.  Please contact the school’s office to report lab-confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses to the director as soon as possible. This allows CCS to make appropriate notifications to those who may have been exposed and to ensure appropriate disinfectant steps can be carried out in the workplace.


What do I do if I think I may have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19?

Employees who think they may have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19 are asked to self-report to the director for next steps. CCS is following TEA guidelines regarding next steps for those who have been exposed to a diagnosed individual (see Close Contact). Employees who have been exposed are to report to the director to walk through a series of questions to determine appropriate next steps. Depending on the level of exposure, next steps may range from self-monitoring and taking additional safety precautions while working, to staying home and self-monitoring for 10-14 days, or even undergoing testing prior to return.


Will I be informed if I was exposed to illness at work?

Yes, although CCS will not disclose the identity of persons in the workplace who report in a confirmed case of COVID-19, notice of exposure in the workplace will be sent to those potentially exposed while working who came into close contact with the individual confirmed to have COVID-19.


Do I have to wear a face covering?    

Yes, per the Governor’s Order and as outlined in the CCS safety protocols.


Will face coverings and gloves be provided?    

Yes, face coverings and (optional) gloves will be available for employees.


How are facilities being cleaned?    

Staff are asked to please maintain a clean workspace and disinfect their personal area as needed throughout the day, and again at the end of each day.  Administration is disinfecting shared areas used by staff each day including but not limited to offices, restrooms, staff break rooms and common areas. Bottles of disinfectant are available in designated areas allowing for those areas to be sanitized or wiped down as needed by office personnel throughout the day.


What is the plan for staff during in-service and the first three weeks of remote learning?

CCS staff are expected to continue working in a role to serve students, whether instruction is remote or in-person.


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Due to the constantly changing conditions under which we are operating, which include health data and guidance from state and county authorities, FAQs are subject to change.

UPDATE 6/01/2020 

CCS is working diligently to develop strategies to prepare for students return to campus in August while prioritizing the health and safety of our community. A tiered phase COVID Operating Plan that will be referred to throughout the 2020-2021 school year is in the final stages of development and will be emailed to you soon.

If you have any questions, please email us.

UPDATE 5/24/2020 
*Parents, please check your emails for the FULL update.

As we reach the end of May, we want to make sure that every family finishes the year out strong! Almost all our students finished already, we have a few that are finishing up, and a few that need to touch base with us during the summer. Please continue to reach out to us if you need help or have any questions, we are all still here to support you.

This email will greet new families, detail summer office hours, plans for 2020-2021, and answer questions that have recently been presented to our staff. Senior parents look for an email later today! GREAT news for graduation!


to our current families and all new parents! We have 8 new families that recently enrolled! Welcome! Thanks for joining us!

Enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year is open and spots are filling up! Our students continue to push boundaries, spur each other on, and seek out new challenges! The CCS atmosphere enhances both determination and imagination.  We can’t wait to see you!  More details below…

Staff Responsibilities and Training

As our teachers close out the year and schedule time for summer students, we will also be participating in many professional development courses. Plans are in full force to return to campus in the fall, but we are also preparing for all scenarios. Some of our professional development courses include:
Social and Emotional Learning: Transitioning Back-to-School,
Social and Emotional Learning in a Virtual World,
Strategies for Teaching Early Learners Remotely, 
What Students Need Most During Distance Learning, 
Differentiate, Individualize, and Personalize During Distance Learning
Support in Online Classrooms 
Enrichments for the Blended Learning Virtual Classroom
Google Classrooms, and more.
We will be busy this summer!
All of these courses help better us, so we can be better for you!


Some parents have asked what exactly it is that we do in the classroom and how we are different from other schools. We know parents are familiar with our flexible and personalized blended instruction, but what does that mean in the day-to-day classroom?

First, let me define differentiated instruction which is research-driven and proven to help both high-achieving and underachieving students while leading to more student engagement and accountability. Differentiated instruction is the process of ensuring that what a student learns, how he or she learns it, and how the student demonstrates what he or she has learned is a match for that student's readiness level, interests, and preferred mode of learning.  In addition to personalized instruction, blending different strategies like Hyperdocs, Project-Based Learning, Choice Boards, and Flipped Classrooms helps us help your child.

Sneak Peek: In the classrom, one-to-one tutoring, group work or virtual help; At any given time, there is a minimum of three to four teachers to choose from to receive help in a specific subject. The students are never limited. All our staff, myself included, answer math, history, English and other questions throughout the day.  CCS students have access to all the teachers, at all times, for anything they need.
The freedom to get up and move to their preferred teacher or preferred method of instruction is what sets us apart from any other school.

We are following all CDC guidelines for re-opening our campus this summer and in the fall when most students will return to the school grounds. We understand that a few parents are hesitant to return in August and support your decision to stay home.  We will provide individualized instruction to each student that can not return to campus.  A personalized intervention plan will be put in place in order to address the range of academic and emotional challenges students working from home may experience.

On campus, we will continue the procedures we already had in place and develop additional methods to reduce the spread of a wide variety of infectious diseases (e.g., seasonal influenza). This includes strategies for social distancing, students or staff staying home when sick; appropriately covering coughs and sneezes; cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces; sanitizer stations and washing hands often with soap and water; explicit meal prep procedures; and additionally could include school dismissal that may be used to stop or slow the spread of infectious disease. We will send an action plan and further details to you sometime this summer as we monitor all updates set forth by the CDC.

We will continue looking to our local health care professionals for their guidance and will follow in accordance with any state directives.

Summer Campus Hours:
9am-12 noon
June 2nd – June 25th 
You can always leave us a message @ 361-212-3078 and we will return your call asap.  
Don’t hesitate to email us!
You can also follow what’s happening on social media. You can find CCS on Facebook (@CrossroadsChristianSchoolVictoria) and Instagram (@ccsvictoria).
COVID Discount:
$150 off the $500 enrollment fee.
Only $350/student.
If you already paid the $500 enrollment fee(s) you will receive $150 discount on tuition this fall. All parents will receive this discount.
Please click here to re-enroll through our PayPal option:Enroll Here 2020-2021
Graduation is going to be spectacular! We have an amazing decorator and a fabulous photographer! Details later today! 
Details will include: CDC guidelines for the ceremony, photographer information and any other details needed to make your graduation dazzle!  
Guidance Help:
Restrictive measures aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus have changed the lives of people all over the world in drastic ways. Are you okay? We each have different ways to manage circumstances and survive the unexpected. Here are some helpful coping strategies. 
Help Children Cope with Changes Resulting from COVID-19
The National Association of School Psychologists and the National Association of School Nurses created a resource to help children deal with the rapidly changing world because of COVID-19. Download a PDF copy of the resource.

Protect Your Mental Health While Working Remotely

Many employees are now working from home for the first time. Daily living routines have been disrupted. During this extra-stressful time, it’s important to take care of our mental health and well-being. The American Psychiatric Association Foundation has a list of tips to follow to help during this time.

As the world begins to open, many people are just not ready to go outside just yet.
If you’re still inside - here’s some fun things to do at home.

Check out these sites:

Explore the Galapagos Islands with National Geographic Expeditions
Get ready to explore the Galapagos Islands from the comfort of your living room. Watch the videos with your children and discuss the incredible wildlife and culture.
 Go to YouTube to watch the videos.
Take a Virtual Field Trip of Johnson Space Center
Do you love outer space? If the answer is yes, join Boeing and Discovery Education on a virtual field trip of Johnson Space Center in Houston. The exclusive behind-the-scenes tour will introduce students to a few of the employees who are writing the next chapter of space history. 
Take a Virtual Nature Walk
Join the National Parks Service and Google to explore the Kenai Fjords in Alaska. Get ready to rappel into a crevasse, kayak through icebergs and watch a glacier recede.
Explore Carlsbad Caverns from Your Home
Do you love exploring caves? Get ready to venture through Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico! The National Parks Service and Google have teamed up to create a virtual tour of this park. 

UPDATE 5/10/2020 
*Parents, please check your emails for the FULL update.

Students that have not been able to finish will still have the opportunity to complete their work. 

Additionally, students that needed additional help with one-on-one tutoring, but weren’t able to schedule it during spring, will also have that opportunity.  This Thursday, is on the calendar as the last day of school.  However, we will keep all our on-line courses open until they are complete. Students that need it, can request extensions and reassignments and additional one on one tutoring. We are here for you!

Furthermore, students that did finish, but need summer activities or bridge courses, can also request that and we will provide whatever you need. Bridge courses are brief, but specific lessons, designed to transition from one grade to the next in a specific subject. Struggled through Algebra 1? Let us design a bridge course to reteach what you should have learned and prepare you for what’s next. You will also continue to have access to our teachers!

* There is NO additional charge for SCHOOL EXTENSION.  FACTS tuition plans scheduled for payments through the summer will continue as is. The COVID Summer Extension and/or bridge activities will not be an additional charge. We are offering our services for additional help at no cost.  We hope this helps. We will do everything we can, to provide for your child, within the parameters of current directives and recommendations from our local health officials, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services and the Center of Disease Control (CDC).  


So let’s pause for a minute. May 18th 19th and 20th are end-of-the-year teacher work days. We will be spending these days preparing for a FABULOUS graduation ceremony for our seniors (info soon) and also designing summer courses, extensions, bridge activities and tutoring for any student that needs it. Please let us know! We understand that families, including staff, experienced zoom glitches and wifi outages, among other technicalities and issues. 

With that in mind, we will be offering our summer sessions and extensions in June. 

June hours are Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday from 9am-12noon. 

Contact us anytime to let us know what we can prepare for you and how we can help your child succeed!


Parents, your children have amazing teachers who are always thinking of ways to help improve your child’s education. The teachers have been reaching out to me asking me what they can do this summer to help any of the students that need additional support.

Let us hear from you now. Contact us and let us know what your child needs.  The key to your child’s success will be our collaborative, creative and connected partnership.  We will need your input and support to make this time as valuable as we can for your child.

As we receive additional information and guidance from our local health officials, we will provide any necessary updates.

Again, I want to thank our staff for going above and beyond in their preparations to provide meaningful learning and skill development activities for our students.

Thank you, parents, for your ongoing support of our students, staff and CCS community! 

UPDATE 4/26/2020 
*Parents, please check your emails for the FULL update.

First, let me say I hope this letter finds you safe and in good health as we continue to deal with the harsh realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the academic year nears its conclusion, we will continue to adapt and adjust to these realities. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we have been adjusting, like you, to the drastic changes in life.

Our thoughts and prayers continue for all those who are suffering physically, financially, and emotionally. With this in mind, we have lowered re-enrollment fees.


Our community is suffering, and we want to do all that we can to help.

New enrollment fee: $350/student. Parents that have already paid the $500 enrollment fee(s) will receive $150 discount on tuition this fall. All parents will receive this discount.

Please click here to re-enroll through our PayPal option:

Enroll Here 2020-2021


CCS is collecting feedback from parents on how virtual learning is working for their children using the Thought Exchange tool. Thought Exchange allows participants to share their opinions, and to rate the responses of others so the results reflect the most widely agreed-upon points. Respondents are not identified. Our learning model continues to be refined based on feedback from our students, parents, and staff. Look for the survey this week!


We DO hope to see you soon! Until then, CCS will continue our commitment to providing purposeful learning to all students via our virtual platform. Our teachers are supporting each and every student and making themselves available to each and every one based on their needs, academic level, and specific learning ability.

We will continue to offer individual one-to-one tutoring, personalized packets designed for each student and virtual classrooms to meet the needs of your child. We are committed to supporting your child and partnering with you as we continue this journey. We are here for you!


UPDATE 4/1/2020 
*Parents, please check your emails for the FULL update.
Dear CCS Families and Staff,

Governor Abbott issued an order for all schools to remain closed until May 4, 2020, to slow the spread of Coronavirus. To fully support this state directive and do our part to keep our community safe, Crossroads Christian School will be extending our virtual learning format, with return to school no sooner than May 4, 2020. This decision also is consistent with federal guidelines and the Victoria County “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order.

During this time, we will continue our commitment to providing meaningful learning opportunities to our students through virtual learning. We only started this week, but I’ve heard many wonderful examples of teachers and students alike embracing this “new normal” with positivity and creativity.  We love seeing your kids in their zoom rooms!  Please keep sharing the photos!
All our decisions are based on information from government agencies at the county, state and national levels. We will share any changes or additional extensions to our current status as soon as a decision is made.
Here are updates on several topics related to our current status, including useful resources.
Email Help:
Two main emails to help our families are as follows:
For ZOOM issues or help with learning resources, please email Sonia Mejia:
For all other questions, email our director, Shannon Mitchamore:
I know that our teachers are also reaching out to families with tools to stay connected! Thank you teachers for all your hard work. Parents, I can honestly tell you that your child’s teacher is working overtime to keep your child actively engaged, and physically and academically challenged.

Social Distancing:
Current health and safety guidelines can be challenging to enforce. However, the importance of social distancing as a tool to help slow the spread of the Coronavirus is crucial.
*Please note that in order to prevent the spread of the virus, we have closed our campus. In order to put packets together and organize resources needed for each student, we schedule individual times to prepare. Our teachers take all precautions to prevent contamination and adhere to social distancing safety guidelines.
In addition, our facilities are STILL being deep cleaned, sanitized and disinfected each week.
I know this the current status of the nation brings disappointment, and with it, a series of additional questions related to end of the year ceremonies and graduation. I can assure you that we have been discussing these issues in anticipation of all possibilities, and we’re exploring all options. We understand that these are important topics that require thoughtful consideration. Until further notice, we will not deviate from our current graduation schedule.  As our situation changes daily, I want you to know that as we make decisions, we will keep the best interest of all of our families in mind. We will be communicating these decisions with you as we move through this uncertain time.

Moving Forward:

As a school, most of our program uses a web-based, blended learning, collaborative, interactive curriculum. For the students needing additional resources or paper format, we will continue to prepare all educational material needed to complete the school year. We will continue to offer custom designed courses and individual attention.
Communication is crucial right now. Please let us know if you need additional supplementary material, manipulatives, or further individual tutoring in our virtual classrooms. Contact your child’s teacher, Sonia Mejia or Shannon Mitchamore. 
We are here for YOU!
I want to thank our teachers for their relentless efforts in making this shift to virtual learning as easy and stress-free as possible for you and your children. Our teachers are working harder than ever to provide for each and every student. Please remember, your teachers are now at home facing the same challenges you might have experienced recently. Suddenly our homes are impacted with lack of childcare and adjusted employment, but we have the same responsibilities with additional challenges.  We will continue to make ourselves available to you and provide one-on-one accommodations and virtual face-to-face instruction.
Parents, thank you for your patience, your support and your understanding.  
Students, thank you for embracing this new challenge with a growth mindset.
As we navigate through these unprecedented times, we will learn and grow from it and emerge stronger than ever.
NEW CLASSES NEXT WEEK: Home Ec and Art Club!
Stay safe and stay informed!

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

World Health Organization (WHO):


UPDATE 3/19/2020 
Dear CCS Parents and Students, 
It is our obligation to honor the guidance of those in charge of our public health and safety.  We care about the well-being of our students, staff, families and community and will act accordingly.  I want to take this opportunity to clarify how we will be providing instruction to our students during this period.
Effective immediately, all events and extracurricular activities are canceled: this includes Open House and any after school events that were planned. We do not know the status of our graduation ceremony. We hope and pray we are back on campus and back to normal before we make decisions regarding our seniors.
Furthermore, we are moving all students, K-12, to our on-line format and suspending face-to-face instruction for an undetermined amount of time. Because the majority of our students are currently on-line, there will be no disruption in their education. We will transition the remaining students from classroom to the cloud, but also provide instructional materials: paper/pdf files, packets, consumable curriculum and enrichment activities. In addition to our already established web-based and self-paced program of blended learning, collaborative, and interactive curriculum, ALL students (K-12) will have access to prerecorded class sessions and/or virtual classrooms to participate live! Including PE, Dance, Home Ec., 4H, Art Club, Electives and more! 
CCS believes in fairness, mutual support and collective responsibility.  We provide choice in educational decisions, which empowers parents to control their child’s school experience.  We will continue to customize for each student to ensure they achieve academic success based upon their individual learning styles, levels and abilities. Parents still have the option for web-based or paper with on-line instruction via zoom rooms, virtual classrooms, or a blend of both. CCS will provide the resources necessary to continue to meet the needs of each student.  
Instructional Support
This week and next week, CCS staff will continue to develop plans and guidelines for the delivery of instruction remotely. On March 23 - March 27 we will have training and instructional planning days for our teachers to collaborate and develop instructional resources (remotely) for our students. Teachers will be creating both online and paper enrichment resources, curriculum and virtual classrooms for all grade levels. Parents, you can expect us to contact you regarding your child’s education.  We will start by contacting the parents that do not have their child enrolled in our on-line program; secondly, we will contact parents that have their child enrolled in a blend of paper and on-line.
We will develop and set up an education plan specifically designed according to the families and the student’s needs.  Every individual plan will provide meaningful engagement so the learning process for each child will enable and ensure continuous and ongoing student learning outside the four walls of the classroom. 
Parents, if you currently have your child enrolled in our on-line program for all classes, you will receive email updates and messages through Ignitia specifying the new features we are providing for ALL our on-line students. All students, even the ones currently on-line, will benefit from the ADDITIONAL instructional resources we are adding, as access to pre-recorded classroom sessions and virtual classrooms designed specifically for their on-line curriculum are made available. 
Our goal is to roll out these resources to our students by Monday, March 30th, but feel certain it will be sooner.
Additional Support
We are developing support systems to create a “help-desk type of remote assistance” for our staff, students, and parents. We also are creating a process to provide optional meal service for our students and families.   
Update & Guidance: 
We are continuing to follow updates from the College Board considering ACT, SAT, and AP testing
US State Department: 
Students, parents, and staff are urged to remain vigilant in their efforts to stay healthy including social distancing recommendations. For the latest information and updates, please visit:
The Victoria County Public Health Department: and 
The Victoria County Public Health Department:
Crossroads Christian School partners with parents for each student’s academic success.  We recognize that this might be a new instructional delivery model for some of our parents and we will need your support to make this time as valuable as we can for your child.  This partnership is an established, ongoing, intentional relationship between CCS educators and you. The key to your child’s success will be our collaborative, creative and connected partnership.  Thank you for your ongoing support of our students, staff and community!
Please keep our ENTIRE Victoria community in your prayers. There are a lot of small businesses and families affected by lack of traffic/sales and loss of jobs.  There are a lot of teachers and administrators that are navigating new territory and not prepared to transition from classroom to cloud. We will continue to stand, pray and believe this will pass quickly and without tragedy. 
Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
Please contact us if you are in NEED of anything.
Be well!
Shannon Mitchamore
Crossroads Christian School
Teaching the Mind ~ Training the Heart
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Texas Association of School Psychologists Affiliate
Our program uses a web-based, blended learning, collaborative, interactive curriculum that provides cutting edge instruction filtered through a Christian lens.
* Aligned to national and state standards
* User-friendly for both student and parent
* Text to speech allows students to hear selected passages or entire lessons
* Translates lessons into over 20 different languages
* Assignment list that shows students what is due each day
* AP courses and over 40 career courses
* Powerful easy to use reporting for state, college or other school districts
With high quality integrated technology tools and resources, our digital platform provides students with a wealth of resources to keep them fully engaged and academically challenged as they learn.
Each course provides students with both online and direct teacher-led instruction, audio translated in multiple languages for ESL students, video learning labs and tutorials, interactive learning games, internal and external web-based curriculum support.
Our on-line instructors are able to customize for each student to ensure they achieve academic success based upon their individual learning styles, levels and abilities. Parents are able to monitor assignments in real-time and see how well their child is performing with the parent portal. Utilizing this intuitive, interactive cutting edge curriculum, our students are provided with just the right amount of rigor to help them excel at higher academic levels than they would in a conventional classroom setting. Unlimited academic support via our internal messaging system and zoom rooms.
Lessons include more than 50,000 multimedia elements including interactive games, audio and video clips, external web links, and off-computer assignments. Lessons integrate critical thinking skills with easy-to-use navigation, electives, and a handy notes tool.
Praying Psalm 91 - A Prayer for Protection
Today, I dwell in the secret place of the most High,
 and so I abide in the shadow of the Almighty.
Today I say of the LORD,
 You are my refuge and my fortress:
 my God; in You I trust.
Surely you deliver me from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence.
You cover me with Your feathers, and under Your wings I trust:
 Your truth is my shield and buckler.
And so, I am not afraid for the terror by night;
 nor for the arrow that flies by day;
 Nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness;
 nor for the destruction that lays waste at noonday.
A thousand may fall at my side, and ten thousand at my right hand;
 but it shall not come near me.
Only with my eyes do I look and see the reward of the wicked.
Because I have made the Lord my refuge, even the most High, my habitation;
 No evil befalls me, nor does any plague come nigh my dwelling.
For He gives his angels charge over me, to keep me in all my ways.
They bear me up in their hands, lest I dash my foot against a stone.
I tread upon the lion and the cobra:
 the young lion and the serpent I trample under foot.
Because I have set my love upon Him, therefore He delivers me:
 He sets me on high, because I have known His name.
I call upon Him, and He answers me:
 He is with me in trouble;
 He delivers me, and honors me.
With long life He satisfies me,
 and shows me His salvation.
In Jesus’s Name, Amen.


Dear parents:

We care about the health of our students, staff, families and community and we want to keep everyone updated on what we’re doing as COVID-19 continues to evolve. This email will contain recent updates along with the latest information regarding COVID-19’s effect on our community as well as useful resources and FAQs.


As the Coronavirus situation continues to evolve and change, CCS administration is actively engaged in monitoring COVID-19 developments with Victoria County, city officials, public health authorities, and other school districts while adhering to guidance from local health officials, the Texas Department of Health and Human Services and the Center of Disease Control (CDC). As the situation adjusts daily, we stay updated so that we may base decisions on the most recent and accurate information. As we receive additional information and guidance from our local health officials, we will provide any necessary updates.

Currently, the week of March 16-20 is Spring Break with students returning to school on Monday March 23rd. We will continue to reach out to our families and staff regarding the status of our school operations based on detailed and reliable information.  We are actively working on plans for all possible scenarios, but no decision has been made to extend Spring Break. We will continue to monitor this rapidly changing situation and will implement protocols and systems as needed.

We are waiting until Tuesday, March 17th to make a decision regarding Open House. Any decisions would be made with the interest of our community in mind and in consultation with health authorities.

While this situation presents many challenges, we will work together to meet the needs of each student, and staff, with the health and well-being of our entire community in mind.

Because this situation is changing rapidly, we encourage you to check these websites to find updated guidance:


Centers for Disease Control:


US State Department:

Students, parents, and staff are urged to remain vigilant in their efforts to stay healthy. For the latest information and updates, please visit:

The Victoria County Public Health Department: and

The Victoria County Public Health Department:

The safety of our students, staff and families is a top priority, and we will act out of an abundance of caution to protect everyone’s health and well-being.


Every year, CCS is proactive in fighting germs. We feel this is why we have very few students and staff home sick. We take several steps to educate students about good hygiene habits.  Additionally, we supply each restroom in the FELC Education building and the Hiller Activity Center with a large bottle of sanitizer, as well as one provided in each stall.  Each classroom is supplied with boxes of tissue paper and several hand sanitizer stations to offer a quick alternative between hand washes.  Teachers talk with their students daily about the importance of following the recommended preventative steps including frequent handwashing, covering every cough or sneeze, and not touching eyes. Custodians are being diligent in checking restrooms to ensure that supplies including soap and paper towels are available for our students throughout the day.

In each stall and bathroom, we’ve had the following signs posted:


Staff & Students

Clean restrooms promote good health. Help keep it clean.

Bathroom Etiquette:

  1. Replace empty toilet paper roll. Replenish the toilet paper as needed.
  2. Please wipe the seat as necessary (use the sanitizer to clean and disinfect).
  3. Always flush. If necessary, give a courtesy flush. Flush toilet paper only.
  4. Wash your hands with soap before returning to the classroom.

Please clean up after yourself each time.

If the bathroom needs attention, please report it to the office.

Thank you

CCS has taken several steps to educate students about good hygiene habits as teachers are reminding students frequently about the importance of following basic steps to prevent the spread of illness:

  • Stay home when sick.
  • Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
  • If soap and water is not available, use an alcohol-based (60-95 percent) hand sanitizer.
  • Avoid touching eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Cover the mouth and nose with the inside of the elbow when sneezing or coughing.
  • Wash hands after coughing, sneezing, or blowing the nose.
  • Disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects such as toys and doorknobs.

In addition to the work of the custodians, teachers in each classroom have always been provided with Lysol and sanitary wipes.  Daily our staff and students wipe down common areas to clean and disinfect, including lunch tables, chairs, desks, laptops, etc. Every week the custodians clean and disinfect the classrooms and gym. During Spring Break, all common areas and furniture will be DEEP CLEANED. We will continue to remain diligent in overall cleaning with the use of disinfectants and are taking extra steps to ensure all commonly touched surfaces are thoroughly cleaned. Our staff and custodians have also been addressing commonly touched areas (doorknobs, light switches, etc.) with frequent wipe-downs and going the extra mile to disinfect and clean thoroughly.

We are grateful that we already had these preventative measures in place and our community has been a healthy and happy one!


In the event that we do have to close, we do not anticipate being closed for an extended length of time. However, if conditions warrant a change in our school operations, we recognize that flexibility may be necessary, especially for the lower grades.  We have technology resources that will help us in the event of a closure. As most of our students are on-line, there will not be any disruption to their education. However, for those students not working on-line, we are developing options and considering ways to adapt our classroom model to students needing to learn from home. If necessary, and for the parents that choose so, we are preparing to transition students from the classroom to the cloud. We are currently in the process of providing multiple options to parents to meet the needs of each student. We have multiple resources of online textbooks, curriculum, and electronic communication between teachers and students which will allow us to continue educating students remotely if needed.  Our instructional staff have and will continue to develop their skills for providing instruction to our students within an online environment, even for the students working off-line.

As always, and although, at this time, we are not extending Spring Break, this does not mean students have mandatory attendance. Due to health concerns across the region, attendance is expected to be lower than projected.  Parents, please use your best judgment. If you choose to have your child work from home, they will not be counted absent.  Please keep in contact with us, keeping us informed as to your decisions.

In the event of school closure: each and every parent will be personally contacted to develop and set up an education plan specifically designed according to the families and the student’s needs.  Every individual plan will provide meaningful engagement so the learning process for each child will enable and ensure continuous and ongoing student learning outside the four walls of our classroom.

No matter the path, we will continue teaching students about and encouraging them to utilize their skills related to critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration which invites creativity and contributes to their overall success as a citizen of our community.

We will work with each individual family to support the flexible and personalized education of each child!

Extra Info:

On-line learning: even though we presently have on-campus online learners, we are NOT in front of the screen all day. Our classroom model allows for plenty of away time. We believe in balance and recognize that we live in a digital age and with the ever-increasing amount of screen time in the workforce, we try to encourage students to recognize when they might need to step away and take a break, while also preparing students for life in a complicated world.  Our on-line classroom instruction includes plenty of pauses from the screen and times when other sources of instruction are offered. We blend on-line learning with traditional based classroom instruction. Homebound students moving from classroom to cloud shouldn’t replace socialization and physical activity with screen time.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

As always, we are praying and believing this will pass quickly and without tragedy.

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