CCS Drill Team @ Victoria Campus

Crossroads Christian School

Diamond Belles Dance/Drill Team

Constitution and Code of Conduct 2018-19

TRYOUTS: Try-outs will be held on Wednesday, May 2nd for the high school team and Thursday, May 3rd for junior high team.  The try-out times are from 10-11am. Candidates must be entering grades 5-8 & 9-12 for the 2018-2019 school year.



Eligibility for the Drill Team will be based on the following qualifications:

1. Candidates must be entering grades 5-8 & 9-12 for the 2018-2019 school year.

2. Candidates must be passing all classes with a 70 or above. Proof of progress report and report card will be required. 

3. Candidates may not be involved with any other sport or organization in or outside of school that would conflict with team events/practices at any time during the year.


Your schedules will sometimes have to be adjusted to accommodate your commitment in drill team. This is a TEAM activity, so each member must be present for rehearsals and performances. Parents will be asked to give their time to work on costumes, to help with props, to support fundraisers, and most importantly, to support their team! 


Every effort is made to keep expenses reasonable, but there are considerable costs associated with drill team. To ease the individual financial burden, the team will participate in fundraising to help defray team expenses. Each member and family are encouraged to support these events by giving their time and talents because each family directly benefits. It should be noted that each drill team member has financial obligations attached to their membership. If financial difficulties occur within a family making it difficult to meet these obligations, the director must be informed immediately. 

A.  Payment for all items and competitions will be broken up into installments. A member will not receive any items until they are paid for. 

B.  A member will not be allowed to attend any practices/performances if a payment has been  missed and will not be allowed to participate again until the payment is made. These late payments will lead to demerits which could lead to probation.

C.  Other financial needs are likely to arise throughout the course of the year. You need to be able and willing to meet these obligations as well. 

REFUNDS: Please be advised that any deposits/money put toward fees, uniforms, warm- ups, t-shirts, registration fees, or any other item is NON-REFUNDABLE. This is regardless of whether a Dance Team member is suspended from the team or not.

Fundraisers: We try to alleviate cost on the parents by doing fundraisers for fees, uniforms, makeup and accessories. In order to do this we need the support of not only the dancer's but also the parents to make fund raising a success. *Please be advised that fundraising is not a guarantee! We TRY to fundraise as much as possible but you may still have a balance at the end.


Each member will have her triumphs and disappointments in drill team.  The love and support of her family will be important to her.  Celebrate her triumphs – she worked hard to earn them.  Console her during her disappointments, but remember that learning to deal with frustration and pressures are part of her maturation process.  Your positive attitude will influence your daughter’s reactions to her experiences.  Your daughter should express concerns and suggestions to the Directors.


We consider each of you part of the CCS dance team family and we consider the team part of your family. Cherish and protect your family. Respect each person’s differences and individuality. Seek to find the good in each person and in each situation. Your actions and words directly impact the team, so choose to have a positive impact.


Failing members will have up to two weeks to get their grades up to a 70 or higher to stay in the performances. After one month, the dancer will not be allowed to dance or attend practices until grades are up to passing. This could result in a dancer not competing due to not being at practices.


  • Try-outs will be held on Wednesday, May 2nd for the high school team and Thursday, May 3rd for junior high team.The try-out times are from 10-11am.
  • Candidates must audition in order to be on the team.
  • The members will be judged on the following criteria: 1. Dancing Skills 2. Showmanship & Appearance 3. Physical Condition 4. Knowledge of the Current Constitution


  • The dance officers of the organization shall consist of Lieutenants. At the discretion of the director(s) and principal any other office may be added at the time of officer tryouts.
  • Try-out requirements for all candidates:
    • Must have completed one full year on CCS dance team.
    • Will perform a group dance on the day of tryouts.
    • Will be interviewed by the judges.


The dance officers will be responsible for setting a positive example daily to promote good relationships among the team, officer line, the director(s) and other organizations. Communication is extremely important between the officer line and director(s). You will need to demonstrate initiative and good leadership always; maintain confidentiality of your position; and attending all dance team activities and functions.  If at any time an officer is absent, the next ranking officer will assume her duties. 

The following is a list of duties for each dance officer position:


1. Must work closely with the director(s) and line members as it is her responsibility to set a good example for the team members to follow 2. Work with the Director(s) and other officers in maintaining discipline 3. Enforce the Constitution 4. May take squad attendance at every dance team function and report to Director(s) 5. Daily inspection of uniforms and costumes 6. Responsible for recording daily demerits for her squad and report to Director(s) daily 7. May be responsible in assisting the Director(s) (choreographing and other duties) 8. Helping perfect her squad in each team routine 9. Keeping detailed records of all squad information 10. Communication to her team 11. Music responsibilities will be assigned to at least one lieutenant

***In the event that there is not an officer assigned to a position to take care of an assigned responsibility, the next ranking officer will assume that responsibility.


The social committee will be responsible for keeping the morale of the team, planning social activities, publicizing team activities, and promoting good relations between the team and other organizations.

XI. APPOINTED OFFICES (the number of appointed offices may vary from year to year) 

Manager - selected by the Director(s) after an application has been filed.


UNIFORMS – All uniforms are to be worn only when instructed by the Director.
Performance Uniforms
1. Will be used for competition.
2. Hair and make-up will be worn as instructed by the Director.
3. No jewelry will be worn with performance costumes except those instructed by the Director.
4. No nail polish may be worn.
 Practice Attire
1. Purchased by the member and is subject to change from year to year.
2. You must wear performance shoes – NO socks.
3. All practice wear must be purchased and paid for by September 1st.
4. Hair will be worn pulled back so it stays out of your face.
5. Make sure everything is labeled with your full name! Everyone’s practice wear looks the same!
6. All designated practice and performance uniform(s) are required.


In order to decrease the number of distractions, all practices will be closed to the public. No family, friends or boyfriends allowed. Attendance is mandatory to ALL practices. If it is the week of a performance and a dancer misses practice, she will not perform during the performance that week.

DEDICATION: There is a level of commitment required to be a part of the Dance Team. You must have a desired level of commitment not just for yourself, but for your ENTIRE team. Being on this team you depend on all of your other team mates to be at practice consistently and do their part in having the knowledge of their routine. If at any time you are not doing your part as a productive member of this team you will be suspended from the Dance Team.


A. Daily Practice Procedures

1. 5 minutes after time is considered the start of practice.

2. You must be dressed and in fall in 5 minutes after practice starts.

3. Officers will take roll and do inspections.  Officers will be checking for correct attire.

4. Hair all the way up/pulled back 

5. If you need to turn anything in, please turn it in to your OFFICER before fall in.

6. If you have any questions, please ask your OFFICER first. If they do not know the answer the OFFICER will then ask the Director(s).

7. An officer will be in charge of stretching (that ONE person should be the ONLY one talking)

8. NO TALKING while officers/director(s) are teaching, polishing, etc.

9. Team will be expected to use their manners at all times. Example: “Yes ma’am, please, thank you”

10. No cell phones will be allowed in class or practice.


A. A parent/guardian must notify the director by email or office phone prior to the beginning of class, practice or performance if their dancer is going to be absent. This email or phone call does NOT excuse the absence.

B. The member is responsible for getting with a fellow member to find out what was missed and what is required upon her return. 

C. Members are expected to be in attendance for the entire event/practice except in the case of an emergency.

D. Any member who is ill/injured will come to rehearsal to observe unless she is confined to bed or contagious. 

E. Excused Absences

1. A sudden illness that results in hospital visit or illness that results in doctor’s note stating member is contagious.

2. Funeral or death in the family.

3. Special school activity/field trips that are approved at least 1 week in advance by the Director(s).

4. Religious holidays.

5. Weddings in the immediate family.

F. Unexcused Absences

  1. Any absence that is not approved by the Director(s).Out-of-town trips, vacations and work are not excused absences of required Drill Team activities (you have plenty of notice to rearrange work schedules).
  2. If a member is sick, but not contagious, she will be required to come and observe practice.
  3. Demerits will be issued for unexcused absences.
  4. Couldn’t get a ride, was grounded, had homework, didn’t know about it, etc.
  5. Anything else not listed under excused absences
  6. Doctor’s Appointment - please schedule these on off days.

Excessive unexcused absences may be grounds for probation or dismissal.

These excuses all come down to one word, RESPONSIBILITY.

If a member knows in advance that they will be late or will be missing a practice/performance, they are to advise the coach immediately. If you are going to miss practice, you must call ahead of time. If leaving a message, please speak slowly and clearly. Remember to treat practice as you would a job. You wouldn't just not show up...same thing with practice. Scheduled practices are MANDATORY. Attendance is a factor in whether or not you are able to perform. Tardiness is also a consideration. Team members must be present at every mandatory practice for the entire practice time in order to be eligible to participate in upcoming events.

If you miss a practice you must make up the material you missed BEFORE the next practice. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO CATCH UP. We will not hold up practice to catch you up on material missed. Unfortunately, when you miss a practice, it affects the rest of the team more than it affects you because they are the ones who have to go back and relearn/fix the things you missed.

At times parents do not realize the extreme commitment that we require. Nails, hair, birthday parties, etc. are NOT legitimate reasons to miss practice. To be a legitimate team, we must act in accordance. A football player would not tell his coach he was missing practice for a birthday party. These are our expectations.


Members must travel in the assigned transportation to & from the required activity. CCS does not provide transportation to or from ANY event or activity. This is the dancer (family) responsibility.


Students and parents are expected to honor the Codes of Conduct. The behavior expected in this type of program should ultimately reflect excellence in character and integrity. Students are expected to fully participate, follow all guidelines and conduct themselves in such manners that ultimately and properly reflect Christ. Dancers WILL dress appropriately for school, games, practices, and competitions. Dressing or dancing in a manner that implies sexual promiscuity or lewd behavior will not be permitted.  We expect our dancers to uphold appropriate behavior at all times.  If  your  actions  are  not  deemed  appropriate  and  do  not  coincide  with  this organization's guidelines you will be denied participation on this Dance Team.  Friends and boyfriends have absolutely NO PLACE being at practice, before performances, behind the scenes at competition, etc. Make it clear to them ahead of time. Also, there is to be NO public displays of affection while you are representing the team. This rule applies to any time or place, in or out of school, and at practices and performances.  All dancers are expected to uphold these expectations. A violation for inappropriate behavior can result in expulsion.

PROBLEMS: As far as gossip and turmoil are concerned: We understand that this is junior high and high school and these situations will come up, HOWEVER, if you are gossiping, instigating turmoil, or in any way causing conflict among members on the Dance Team your participation on the Dance Team will be suspended. Attitude is a major factor in whether or not we will allow you to dance. Remember, being a member of the Dance Team is a privilege. We expect your attitude to be positive and uplifting.

* If you do have a problem we need to know in order to help resolve the situation.

NON-PERFORMERS: The following reasons determine whether or not a dancer will be allowed to perform. There will be NO exceptions to these factors, so please read carefully.

  • Lack of knowledge of aroutine.
  • Attitude not promotingteamwork/sportsmanship.
  • Lack of dedication/commitment being shown toward DanceTeam.
  • Lack of improvement shown over time in a givenroutine.
  • Disregard for the code of conduct and the rules and guidelines governingthis organization.
  • Absences the week prior to a performance. Tardiness is also afactor.
  • Missing more than the allotted practices.
  • Gossiping, instigating turmoil, or in any way causing conflict among members on the DanceTeam.
  • Academically ineligible.
  • Dancer's that are onsuspension/probation.
  • Not being in proper uniform to perform and performance ready by the arrival time listed on the performancesheet.
  • Not being in attendance for required parent meetings/informationsessions.
  • A dancer will not be allowed to practice/perform if an injury occurs for whichthat dancer is unable to perform at their normal level. Dancers will not be allowed to participate until written clearance is obtained from adoctor.

All Members Are Required To Attend All Dance Team Functions Whether They Are Dancing Or Not

If a dancer works hard, comes to practice, behaves themselves and achieves the performance level required, THEY WILL DANCE.


A. A member may be put on probation for a period of 1-6 weeks; this will be determined by the Director(s) and/or Principal.

B. Actions that may result in probation or dismissal:

1. Deliberate disobedience of a command and/or disrespect shown to the Directors (1-4 weeks)

2. Use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco or any other illegal drugs while in uniform, during school or during an extra-curricular activity (automatic dismissal)

3. Accumulations of 5 demerits (conference with director) 

4. Accumulation of 10 demerits will result in the member being suspended for a 2 week period, removal from next performance, loss of officer position, and will return and regain officer position ONLY after the Director(s) notes a positive change in behavior, attitude, etc. Returning to dances and officer position is at the Directors’ discretion. 

5. Accumulation of 15 demerits (Dismissal)

6. Arrest, MIP ticket, DUI ticket, shoplifting, drug paraphernalia, etc.(dismissal)

7. Inappropriate (nude) photos sent out (Dismissal)

8. Taking part in a physical fight (Dismissal)


To be a productive and successful team, it is necessary that each team member be responsible to a discipline system and code of conduct.  The following is a code of behaviors that each drill team member is expected to observe throughout the year.  The purpose of this system is intended to enhance our organization and its members. Demerits may be issued by the Director(s) or recommended by Officers. The director will have a demerit record for each dancer.

Members will kick 8 8’s of jump kicks for each demerit received on the day that the demerit is received. Demerit kicks will be done at the end of practice and will be by counted/watched by the officer who gave the demerit. If a member has a question about a demerit, she must set up a conference with the Director(s) within 2 school days of receiving the demerit to discuss the demerit given.

Demerits may be issued for the following reasons:

• 5 - Unexcused absence from a performance

• 1 - Unexcused absence from practice (In order to be an excused absence: Dr. note required the day you return or note from our school nurse sending you home. Remember that CLASS is considered the start of practice. Missing or being late to class is considered missing or being late to practice.)

• 2 – Being more than 10 minutes late

• 1 - Being Late

• 1 - Incomplete or incorrect attire as instructed during class or performance

• 2 – Missing required items for class or performance (including but not limited to: poms, attire, etc.) 

• 0.5 - Wearing jewelry during performance   

• 1 – Leaving practice early without permission

• 0.5 - Wearing nail polish at a performance 

• 1 – Failure to show support for decisions of the directors, officer line, or team in general.

Officers will receive double the demerits.

Other Officer Demerits: 

• 1 - Failure to stay after every function until dismissed by Director(s) 

• 2 - Failure to honestly and properly keep up with squad’s demerits

Other team demerits: Unsportsmanlike/un-ladylike Conduct, failure to call or email the Director(s) office prior to absence, cell phone out during practice, games, or performances without permission, unnecessary talking during practice or games, profanity, PDA, not being ready for inspection (hair down, fingernail polish, etc.), Conversation with outsiders while in ranks, late or incomplete paperwork 


The director is the only one allowed to give merits. So that the merit system is not abused, merits will only delete demerits if the merits have been given PRIOR to the demerits being given.  In other words, if a member receives a demerit, that demerit can only be “erased” by merits that have already been received. If a member does not have enough merits at that point to “erase” the demerit, the demerit will be permanent. 

Merits may be earned in the following ways:

• 2 - Straight “A” report card

• 1 - per hour of Community Service. Hours must be approved in advance by Director(s) and student must bring a signed note from Sponsor.

• 2 - Perfect attendance for nine-weeks

• 1 - per studio dance class. Teacher note is required. Maximum of 8 per month.

The Director(s) shall have the authority to give merits for activities which have not been included or which have been inadvertently excluded when necessary. The number of merits will directly reflect the activity.


A. Auditions are held for all routines. They are judged on memory, technique, execution of required skills, and showmanship.

B. A member may be cut from a routine for lack of memory, technique, projection, execution of skills, flexibility, coordination, strength, or endurance.

C. Performance spots are not secured by the routine evaluations. The member must continue to exhibit hard work and improvement in order to not be removed from the routine or even replaced by and alternate who may be working harder.

D. If a member loses their spot for any reason, the alternate line may be re-evaluated at the Director’s discretion.

E. Members not performing are required to attend activities where the team is performing.

F. Members who are wearing unacceptable, incomplete performance attire will not be allowed to perform.

G. During Contest Season, if a member is unable to participate in team performances for any reason, she may not participate in a duet, ensemble, or a solo unless approved by the Director.

H. If a member is unable to physically participate in practice for a period of more than 3 days, she will be replaced in any dance in which she is currently participating.  For a member to return to performance eligibility, she must bring a doctor’s note releasing her to practice and perform.  In extreme cases only, members will be allowed to re-audition in situations in which the Director determines that the removed member is better able to perform than her replacement.


Any amendments made to the Constitution will be done so in the best interest of the organization. Amendments may be made at any time by the director or the CCS principal.



Team Member’s Name (printed)                                                                                

I, the parent/guardian of the above named student, have read the Diamond Belles Dance Team Constitution and Code of Conduct and understand all of the requirements in order for my dancer to continue team participation as well as the ramifications if this contract is broken. I fully comply with all rules and regulations within this Dance Team Code of Conduct. I also realize this is a team effort and I will be called upon to help in some way throughout the year with things that are within my capacity to help. I will make every effort to do my share of assisting on behalf of my daughter. I understand I am required to be present for parent meetings or have someone present on my behalf.



Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                              Date


As a member of the Diamond Belles JR/SR High School Dance Team, I have fully read the Diamond Belles Dance Team Constitution and Code of Conduct and understand what is expected of me to remain a member in good standing. I will keep myself knowledgeable and informed of all rules, and realize the consequences of poor behavior or inappropriate actions may be severe. I will do all I can to uphold the honor and tradition of the Dance Team and respect my team members, school, and coaches at all times. I understand that my Character matters.



Dance Team Member Signature                                                                     Date


Should I                                  (Dancer's name) choose to participate in another sport during the dance season, I will notify the coach of the Dance Team and the coach of the sport I have signed up for. An agreement must be reached by both coaches, my parents and I, acknowledging that there is dual participation, and that any conflicts in practice times or events must be discussed with all parties involved - resolution agreed upon in writing or I understand that suspension from the Dance Team will be deemed necessary. If I am selected to compete with the Dance Team I understand that there will be no exceptions made and I MUST be present for ALL practices in their entirety in the few weeks leading up to a competition.



Dance Team Member Signature