CCS Auto Shop @ Victoria Campus

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Hands-On and Internet-Based Activities

  • Diagnose Common Problems
  • Talk Effectively with Technicians
  • Handle Roadside Emergencies
  • Perform Basic Maintenance

Auto Upkeep:

Basic Car Care, Maintenance, and Repair.

Activity Examples:

Safely change a spare tire.
Safely jump-start a vehicle.
Replace various lights on a vehicle.
Replace wipers on a vehicle.
On-Board Diagnostics Activity – Retrieve diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) from an OBD II system.

Course Description:

This course is intended to provide you with the knowledge to make economical decisions and take preventative measures to enhance the overall satisfaction of being an automotive consumer. The class discussions and lab activities provide the fundamental and advanced knowledge and experience in owning and maintaining an automobile.

Course Goal:

This course is designed to provide you with the necessary environment and interactions to advance your knowledge and understanding in owning, maintaining, and repairing the automobile.  This course is for any level student.

Content Delivery Method:

This course includes in-class activities and off-campus lab/shop activities. In-class activities include lectures, discussions, student presentations, and research. Lab/shop activities include completing designated procedures that involve inspection, replacement, and identification of automotive components. During lab/shop activities you will apply knowledge obtained from in-class discussions and readings to further advance your understanding of the automobile.

Course Evaluation:

You will be evaluated on the achievement of the tasks/skills as  listed on the competency profile, study questions, lab activity participation, daily reflection  logs, and  exams.


It is essential that each student follow all safety guidelines, rules, and procedures as discussed in class and demonstrated at the off-campus lab/shop. Safety glasses are required for all lab activities.

Class Fees:

$195.00 includes all curriculum, lab equipment and supplies (hand soap, towels, oils, cleaners).

AutoShop is open to all students in Victoria TX.  Auto Shop class is Mon-Thurs 1:30-2:30 Room 203