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Monitoring Coronavirus COVID-19

The safety of Crossroads Christian School students and staff is our top priority. We will continue to monitor the situation and will share updates with our families as necessary. During this time, CCS will be focusing on three priorities: minimizing the spread of the illness, developing learning opportunities for our students, and continued prayer for our community and those that have been directly impacted by the virus. Please check your emails for detailed updates.

Public Health Resources

Real-Time Outbreak Map

Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

Texas Department for Health Services

Victoria County Public Health Department

What to Do If You Are Sick


Family Resources

Talking to Children About COVID-19

Guide to Helping Families Cope with COVID-19


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Adults Only

Sat, Oct 12th 8:00 PM – midnight

Jaycee Hall

2905 East North Street, Victoria, Texas

Victoria, Texas 77901

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Do you ever think back to your senior year of high school and wish your prom night had been more memorable? Did you miss your prom altogether and wish you could go back in time? Well, don't worry, because you are getting a second chance to relive your youth!

Gather up the courage to ask your date out to our "Second Chance PROM Costume Ball" before someone else does! Hosted at Jaycee Hall, we will have decorations, photographers, and ALL the perks for you to recreate that Prom you always wish you had experienced!

SA Lights will be taking you on a journey through time, playing music from the 70’s and 80s, and a few 90’s favorites to appeal to all of your musical tastes!

Come dressed in your craziest outfits to be nominated to be our very own Prom King & Queen! This isn't a petty popularity contest like when you were seventeen, this is entirely based on how awesome your outfits are! Be nominated as a couple or individually! (Individual entries will be matched up with other individual entries)

Cash Prize for Prom Royalty will be rewarded, as well as a crown & tiara, and complimentary champagne!

Your ticket fee ($20) will include:
- Admission to the best prom EVER!
- Nourishments
- The time of your life!
- More perks to be announced!

Second Chance Prom Costume Ball
Adult Prom
Saturday October 12th
Dress in costume, Dress in 80’s attire, or Dress in a prom clothes! Your Choice!



Come and Go

Thursday August 15th 6pm-8:00pm



Interested in our school? Come visit us!


Stop by to find out about our flexible education, meet our friendly staff, tour our campus, and discover more about the CCS classroom!  Flexible. Personalized. Affordable. Parent-Directed and Student-Focused Learning!


All signs point to another incredible and productive school year. Our much-appreciated staff is gearing up to welcome families, provide volunteer opportunities, and offer other exciting events and programs this year for your children, and you can hear all about it at our Open House!


As you know, our campus is indeed a happy and caring community with the common goals of nurturing responsible, caring students and promoting high-level learning.  We are happy to see you!


And welcome to all the new families!


All CCS students and parents are encouraged to attend our Back-To-School Open House in order to prepare for the 2019-2020 school year.

Welcome Back!

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I hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer and the unexpected kinda cool front. We hope you are ready to start a new school year! 


All signs point to another incredible and productive school year. We’ve been planning and preparing for your child(ren) all summer! We’ve registered new families, ordered needed materials and updated all the student files. The hard-working custodians have spent the entire summer thoroughly cleaning the facility. Our much-appreciated staff is gearing up to welcome families, provide volunteer opportunities, and offer other exciting events and programs this year for your children, and you can hear all about it at our Open House! As you know, our campus is indeed a happy and caring community with the common goals of nurturing responsible, caring students and promoting high-level learning.We are happy to see you! 

And welcome to all the new families!


Open House
Save the Date! Thursday August 15th Come meet the new staff and see all the exciting things they have planned for your child(ren)!

School starts the week of August 19th. The 2019-2020 calendar is attached.


New Staff
Each year brings positive change. This includes a few additions to our staff. We are delighted to welcome: Violet Burger, Jeana Cates, Brandi Cowan, Jeanna Goff, and Sara Hull to our team.

Welcome back: Angelique Villareal Gina Fojt, Amy Folbre, Oksana Greco, Debra Jones, Jennifer McAngus, Marian Nichols, Sabrina Risken, and Ellen Sauseda. 

Each member brings a solid skill set and a Christian approach to meeting each child’s social, emotional, and educational needs. We are fortunate to have them! Welcome to the family!



AG PROGRAM: We now offer an AdvancEd Accredited International agricultural coursework program with over 25 different courses ranging from Introduction to Agriculture to Adult Equine Science III. 

This is a fully accredited agriculture coursework program offering many opportunities, such as, Veterinary Assistant Certificate Program or even a “build your own certificate” to ensure you are getting the best courses for your future plans. These courses will be offered to 8th-12th grade students. 

More Info coming soon!


DRILL TEAM: We have a new drill team director and new studio for dance. We will be introducing them shortly.

More info coming soon!


Facilities Update
We are, again and always, truly thankful for First English Lutheran Church. We have a beautiful building with space to meet the needs of all the programs we offer.

A previous safety and security review generated a recommendation that additional surveillance cameras be added to better monitor ingress and regress. Prior installation of interior and exterior cameras enhanced our ability to record who is on or around our campus. As always, we want to be as proactive as possible for the safety of your children. And we are thankful that we have never had a security issue.


CCS started with 7 students (two of them my own children) in one small room back in 2014. Our program has successfully and steadily grown and the needed space to meet the mobility and instructional needs of children continues to grow. To accommodate space for increased enrollment and program needs, classrooms have moved, and areas re-arranged. We can’t wait for you to see!  We are so appreciative of all our accommodations and are blessed to be housed in the education building here at FELC.  Thank you, First English Lutheran Church!


Student Placement
A great deal of time, effort and thought has gone into the process of student placement for the 2019-2020 school year.


Careful consideration was given to input from staff and families as well as student learning styles. Classrooms have been balanced academically and socially. Our class lists are structured to provide equitable class sizes at each grade level.  Moving students is difficult without causing imbalances and inequities.


Thank you so much for being positive with your child and helping him or her understand that it is impossible to place all students with a preferred best friend or teacher. ALL of our staff works hard to make school a positive experience for ALL students. Crossroads Christian School is eagerly looking forward to enriching your child’s life. Thank you for understanding that it can take a few weeks for a child to acclimate to a new grade, peer group and teacher.


Thank you to all who are helping prepare for the new school year. Your commitment to ensuring that CCS remains a celebrated and successful school is awe-inspiring. I eagerly look forward to greeting students and families again. It remains an honor and privilege to serve you.  Please stop by and say hello. Together, I know we will make this school year one of growth and achievement for all children.


Thank you for being a part of our amazing learning community. We welcome and value your prayers, support and dedication to excellence in education, and we look forward to working with you and your children. 


Shannon Mitchamore

Texas Association of School Psychologists Affiliate 
 Crossroads Christian School

Teaching the Mind ~ Training the Heart 

Office (361) 212-3078 Fax (972) 236-0026

105 W. Stayton Victoria, Texas 77901

Texas Home School Coalition Partner Group


We are so happy to announce the new Drill Team Director!

Welcome to CCS!


Victoria All-Star Dance Academy instructor/owner Anna Gonzalez Salas has 38 years of dance experience. She is in her 17th year as the St. Joseph H.S. Starlighter Director and is the former Director for the St. Joseph H.S. Cheerleaders. She was the instructor for the Our Lady of Sorrows Ballet Folklorico for 6 years, a 5 year Victoria Ballet Theatre member, a Texas State Strutter, and a St. Joseph H.S. Starlighter.




More info and a sign up sheet at Open House!

2019-2020 Crossroads Christian School Year Plans



At Crossroads Christian, our goal is to assist the family in the mentorship and education of the student, and to ensure they have every opportunity for success. We offer curriculum from publishers who provide superior educational courses and resources that help present that material most effectively. As always, in order to provide the best materials for each course of mastery learning we offer both on-line and consumable curriculum options for you and your child.  Since opening our doors August 1st 2014, we’ve offered blended materials/curriculum, we’ve even had parents enroll that have brought their own curriculum. Parents will continue to have the opportunity to choose.


Next year is full of exciting things as we will continue our blended classrooms:  workshops, hands on stations, project-based learning and on-line classes. Our blended curriculum and classroom approach supply our students with multiple ways to learn and understand concepts. Blended learning is a way to expose students to a variety of strategies and choices that address many learners’ needs.  Our classrooms are designed to empower and engage students by accommodating each of their different learning styles.



To further refine and develop our already successful program, we are adding a few, and continuing, the following programs for the 2019-2020 school year:

(over the summer I will be working with educators to develop more programs for our elementary)

College Tours: The juniors and seniors will be traveling to different colleges in the state of Texas to take a tour of college campuses. We will visit the city of San Marcos, Houston, and Corpus Christi to display a variety of choices. (Grades 9-12)

Dinner Etiquette Class: at the Pump House Restaurant-The students, in grades 9-12, will dress up in their nice attire and attend an etiquette dinner class to learn the exclusive table manners and tools to use.

(Grades 9-12)

Creating a 5-Year Plan: The students will create a 5-year plan of what they plan on doing, and where they will also see themselves, in the next 5 years. (Grades 9-12)

Creating a Vision Board: the vision board will go along with the 5-year plan utilizing different pictures of what the plan mainly focuses on. (Grades 9-12)

Senior Activities: The seniors will have activities at the end of the school year, such as bowling, skating, a trip to Dave and Busters in Corpus Christi, or a trip to the beach, etc.

Senior Night/Prom: Senior night will consist of a night honoring the seniors with creative awards, some talents, music, dancing and a nice dinner.

Financial Advisory Class: The students will learn how to manage money, learn about writing checks, learn about the importance of saving, etc. (Grades 9-12).

Mock Interviews/Interviewee: The students will learn the do’s and dont’s of going to an interview for a job and other opportunities.

(Grades 9-12)

Honors Assemblies: The students will be honored for “A” honor roll and “A/B” honor roll on a quarterly basis. If student has “A” or “A/B” Honor roll for all 4 quarters, there will be an off campus field trip at the end of the school year.

(Grades 1-12)


**If it is possible, 9th and 10th grade will be able to take a trip to the aquarium to experience the Marine Biology Life.**


Our new enrichment program is a next generation evidence-based social and emotional (SEL) classroom program teaching children how to choose love in any circumstance. The program focuses on four important character values – Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness and Compassion in Action – which cultivates optimism, resilience and personal responsibility. Included elements are positive psychology, mindfulness, neuroscience, character values and more. Through decades of research, including long-term studies spanning over 30+ years, we know that SEL is the most proactive and preventative mental health initiative available. SEL is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions. We are excited to be able to offer this and look forward to the social and emotional growth in our students!

(Grades 1-12)


4-H Program:

Just a few of the 4H programs: personal development, speaking in public, interviewing, dressing, writing thank you notes, correspondence, money manager, vet science, health and nutrition, with leadership opportunities! More info coming soon!

(Grades 1-12)


* Dave Ramsey’s: Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition for Self-Study is optional and offered as an elective and will count as an economics credit (.5).

Additional electives offered are: Foundations in Entrepreneurship (Grades 9-12).

Foundations in Personal Finance: Middle School Edition (Grades 6-8).

Financial Peace Junior: Teaching Kids How to Win with Money! (Grades 1-5).

On Campus Electives:

Spanish I, II $45.00 for the year: (includes all curriculum and supplies) In addition to the curriculum, Spanish will be cooking and going on field trips. 

Auto Shop I, II $125 for the year (includes all curriculum, safety equipment and supplies)

Home Ec. $125 for the year (includes all curriculum, safety equipment and supplies)

* Home Ec and Auto Shop courses will be both on and off-campus throughout the year.



Course List for Books (self-paced lessons):  These are self-study and self-paced lessons for each student. All book-based courses are subject to additional fees. 



  • English I, II, III, and IV : (1 credit - Grades 9-12)

  • American Literature (1 credit - Grades 9-12) alternative English course. Covers five diverse periods of American Literature including Early American Literature, the Romantic Period, and the Modern Age. Authors include Longfellow, Hemingway, and Fitzgerald.

  • British Literature (1 credit - Grades 9-12) alternative English course. Covers five diverse periods of British Literature including the Middle Ages, the Early Renaissance, and the Romantic Era. Authors include Chaucer, Tennyson, Browning, Keats, Shelley, and Lewis.

  • Select English(1 credit - Grades 9-12) alternative English course. The Nature of English Composition: Subject Varies but most commonly include: Punctuation and Writing, Critical Reading and Paragraph Skills, Practical English, Communication Foundations, Language Characteristics, Interpersonal Communication, Group Communication, Public Messages. 

  • Composition: (1/2 credit - Grades 9-12) alternative English course. Step-by-step lessons use mastery learning techniques to solidify student understanding on a variety of topics, including sentence types, paragraph unity and coherence, pronunciation techniques, mnemonics, critical reading skills, formal and informal essays, dictionary usage, and punctuation. *this course is also included in the Select English Class.




  • 9th Grade Algebra I (1 credit - Grades 9-12)

  • 10th Grade Geometry (1 credit - Grades 9-12)

  • 11th Grade Algebra II (1 credit - Grades 9-12)

  • 12th Grade Pre-Calculus (1 credit - Grades 9-12)

  • Select Math(1 credit - Grades 9-12) alternative math course. Covers concepts with the students' needs in mind.

  • Accounting(1 credit - Grades 9-12) alternative math course. Covers concepts like transactions, posting items to a ledger, worksheets, financial statements, recording payroll, taxes, and more. 

  • Consumer Math(1 credit - Grades 9-12) alternative math course covers topics like money management skills, loans, credit cards, and wise purchase habits with an emphasis on family finances. Algebra I and Geometry are recommended prerequisites.

  • Select Consumer Math: (1 credit - Grades 9-12) alternative math course subtopics vary but includes: The Mathematics of Trades and Professions, Automobiles, Personal Finance and Investments, Banking and Credit, Housing and Taxes, Math for Auto Mechanics, Math for Diesel Mechanics. 

  • Math in Everyday Life(1 credit - Grades 9-12) overall course to help future wage earners get a handle on banking, budgeting, shopping, and more. Lessons teach them to apply basic math skills to everyday activities such as estimating home and car expenses, shopping for insurance, and paying income tax. Includes Internet and calculator activities. 



  • 9th Grade Civics & World Geography(1 credit - Grades 9-12)

  • 10th Grade World History (1 credit - Grades 9-12)

  • 11th Grade American History (1 credit - Grades 9-12)

  • 12th Grade Government & Economics (1 credit - Grades 9-12)

  • Civics: (1/2 credit - Grades 9-12) focused, alternative History course. American government and citizenship. Topics such as American government, state and local government, worldwide politics, and citizenship responsibility.

  • Anthropology & Sociology (1/2 credit - Grades 9-12) focused, alternative History course. Studies on the origin and fall of man, the method of sociology, cultural backgrounds in the United States and distant lands, Earth's development by man, and more.

  • Dave Ramsey’s Foundations in Personal Finance(1/2 credit - Grades 7-12): Blended learning. Introduction to Personal Finance, Life After High School, Careers and Taxes, and Giving, and more. *Parents order this separately. 



  • 9th Grade General Science III(1 credit - Grades 9-12) 

  • 10th Grade Biology (1 credit - Grades 9-12)

  • 11th Grade Chemistry (1 credit - Grades 9-12)

  • 12th Grade Physics (1 credit - Grades 9-12) 

  • Select Life Science(1/2 credit - Grades 9-12) subject-focused. Covers photosynthesis, cell structure, scientific tools, and careers in science. This course also covers the skeletal, nervous, respiratory, circulatory, digestive, excretory, and endocrine systems, as well as new scientific frontiers.

  • Astronomy(1/2 credit - Grades 9-12) alternative science course. Bible-based, self-paced easy to follow lessons that cover information on the Earth's motion, eclipses, stars, constellations, the sun's energy, our solar system, telescopes and optics, space explorations, and more. 

  • Geology(1/2 credit - Grades 9-12) alternative science course. This course studies Christ-centered content that covers Earth's structures and movements, fossils, relative and absolute time, oceanography, biological and chemical properties, atmospheric structure, pollution, and climates around the world. 



  • 9th Grade New Testament Survey (1 credit - Grades 9-12) lessons on sharing Christ, the Epistles and Apostles, knowing the will of God, and much more.

  • 10th Grade Old Testament Survey (1 credit - Grades 9-12) Complete overview of the Old Testament, from Creation through the restoration of Israel.

  • 11th Grade Bible Doctrine (1 credit - Grades 9-12) lessons on Romans, the faithfulness of God, the nation of Israel, friendship and dating, the pursuit of happiness, apologetics, and more! 

  • 12th Grade Christian Faith & Living(1 credit - Grades 9-12) lessons designed to create a foundation of biblical truth in your child's life. The study of Christian ministry, the Trinity, the holiness of God, James and John the apostles, Daniel, the wisdom of David and Solomon, and much more.

  • Foundations for Living, Studies in the Christian Worldview(1 credit - Grades 9-12) alternative Bible course. Topics include man's purpose in the world, the Christian family and roles, dating and courtship, education, art, politics, and more! This invaluable elective will build your child's understanding of practical Christian living. 



  • Art(1 credit - Grades 9-12) a comprehensive, informative study of art and design. Hands-on art activities, easy-to-grasp, lessons and vocabulary terms to improve your student's knowledge of art terms. * Additional cost for any necessary supplies and will be requested throughout the year. 

  • Business Computer Information Systems(1 credit - Grades 9-12) solid understanding of business computer technology applications for success in the workplace and personal life. 

  • Family and Consumer Science(1 credit - Grades 7-12) Home economics which emphasizes Christian home life, financial freedom, character qualities, and home management topics.

  • Health Quest(1/2 credit - Grades 6-8) personal hygiene, fitness, exercise techniques, and personal and ecological stewardship.

  • High School Health: ((1/2 credit for grades 8-12) Topics include physical health, first aid, proper nutrition, exercise, and overall wellness. In addition, this comprehensive health course also focuses on spiritual, social, emotional, and environmental well-being.

  • Speech: Essentials of Communication (1/2 credit - Grades 9-12) Covers necessary skills to communicate effectively in personal, professional, and public settings.

2019-2020 Academic Calendar