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Car Line

10 Commandments of School Drop Off & Pick Up

1. Thou shalt drive in the correct direction. 

2. Thou shalt not park thy car wherever thou please.

3. Thou shalt not leave thy car. 

4. Thou shalt not treat the drop off and pick up lane as thy personal social gathering.

5. Thou art not special.

6. Thou shalt plan ahead & get thy life together BEFORE dropping off or picking up thy kids.

7. Thou shalt get off thy phone and halt thy Tweeting and Instagraming and Pinteresting and Facebooking.

8. Thy children shalt know the word “hurry” and move accordingly.

9. Thou shalt not honk.

10. Thou shalt wait until thy car pulleth away from the curb to ask how thy offspring’s day went.

Amen! Have a blessed day!


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