7th-12th Grade

Crossroads Christian School values a learning environment that considers individual student needs while encouraging growth academically, spiritually, emotionally and socially. 

CCS is a private part-time Christian School that provides a one-on-one and small group learning environment that supports a students’ home-centered education. On-campus classes meet two to four days per week, with at-home learning occurring on the alternate days.

Our roles as mentors and educators offer a level of individualized care that no other program can provide, as we foster individual achievement through flexible, personalized learning. We provide a structured, interactive, self-paced education where each student has a curriculum based on his or her individual educational needs and academic goals. From Modified to Advanced Placement courses, every student will have the opportunity to succeed.

Inspiring leadership as well as learning, CCS is a quality alternative to the educational concerns we face today. CCS is a non-denominational private homeschool that will transform the lives of students both academically and spiritually. Our program is not a child-care facility, day-care center, or licensed before-school or after-school program nor do we offer child-care services. We conduct background checks for all program employees and volunteers who work in our program.

On-campus classes meet two days per week, with at-home learning occurring on the alternate days.  We suggest that your student spend his or her time working the core subjects and required electives when on campus. Your student should spend a minimum number of hours outside the classroom working on progress and any additional electives. Additional electives are not required, but offer significant benefit to your student's academic future and Crossroads Christian offers a wide variety of elective courses. Electives are not included in CCC's fees and tuition, but can always be purchased in addition to the current curriculum.

As educators and partners with you, we believe in providing the best curriculum for your student.  As your child’s needs change, so do we.  Annually, each course undergoes a thorough review to evaluate its effectiveness and to provide a superior Christian education.


On-campus classes meet four days per week,
with at-home learning occurring on the alternate days.
7th -12th:
On-campus classes meet two days per week,
with at-home learning occurring on the alternate days.



1st - 5th grade: Monday-Thursday


Junior High

6th grade: Monday-Thursday

7th grade: Tuesday/Thursday

8th grade: Monday/Wednesday


High School

9th and 10th: Monday/Wednesday

11th and 12th: Tuesday/Thursday

Homebound Students (Grades 3rd - 12th) will schedule a time to attend campus classes throughout the year.
     Students are considered “homebound” if:
1. location or work impedes the student from reaching campus during the school year,
2. they did not register in time and are on the “wait list” until a campus spot opens, or
3. the family wishes to homeschool in the privacy of their own home, but still want the benefits of socializing with peers and the academic advising, guidance and record keeping that CCSI offers.
4. * Grades 3-5 classes are not offered on-campus and are homebound only. Elementary students enrolled in the homebound program will considered first for availability for on-campus classes when they reach 6th grade.
ALL Homebound students are encouraged to attend field trips and on-campus meetings, photo sessions, etc.
Please see the tuition schedule for sibling discounts and payment options.
SCHOOL SUPPLIES: CCS provides 99% of all supplies needed throughout the year for each and every student. We ask that students bring two things: their Bibles and either a headset or ear buds. Although we have extra Bibles on campus we are reminding you that this is required. Students are required to bring their Bibles to campus each time they arrive. We will meet and use the Bibles in the sanctuary every morning and further need to open them for research throughout the day. Students that do not have a Bible can purchase one through the school.
Registration Fee: Space is limited; this fee secures your child a spot at CCSI and includes the curriculum, technology fee, RenWeb, FACTS and all required school supplies.
 $100.00 Non-refundable Application Fee due with Application. This fee will be applied to the registration fees at time of enrollment.  Registration Fee $500.00 (non-refundable & due at time of registration $525.00 after June 1st)

Any unpaid balance will result in termination of enrollment, and/or delay completion of course requirements. School policy prohibits the release of official school documents (i.e. transcripts and report cards) until all accounts are resolved.

For payment plan enrollment: all registration fees, first months’ tuition and a finalized FACTS payment plan is required before your student is considered enrolled at CCS. Any violation of this agreement and the Verification of Enrollment Form for the student will be reported and submitted to the State of Texas as not currently enrolled.

NOTE: CCS closes registration when enrollment reaches capacity.

Home School Terminology

CCS is a THSC Partner Group

The Texas Home School Coalition provides a wealth of information for the homeschool community and more info can be found on their website at www.thsc.org.

Home School Terminology

THSC definition of a home schooled student:
A home schooled student predominantly receives instruction in a general, elementary or secondary education program that is provided by the parent—or a person standing in parental authority—in or through the child’s home [Texas Education Code 29.916 (a)].

The parent or person standing in parental authority might contract with outside sources in order that the student receives additional instruction. For example, a private tutor, co-op class or a college class. However, this source or these sources do not circumvent the parent’s role in determining the overall success or failure of the student.

Home school group:
All home school groups on our list seek to serve families who meet the definition of home schooling. This means their children participate in the group, but the group will not attempt to become an authority over the student’s education, per the definition of home schooling. THSC Partner Groups meet criteria as defined on THSC Types of Groups.

Private school:
Private school is a broad category of describing any non-public school. This includes traditional accredited private schools that require daily attendance and tuition, unaccredited private schools which are similar but not subject to the same accreditation requirements, home schools which are a type of private school but not regulated the same way as other types of private school, and other options that are a hybrid of these different types. For example, in a university model school, a student might attend the school 2-3 days per week and then be schooled at home for the rest of the week.