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August 18, 2014, 12:00 AM

Great article(S) on homeschooling...ENJOY!


HOME-SCHOOLING: Socialization not a problem

One of the most persistent criticisms of home-schooling is the accusation that home-schoolers will not be able to fully participate in society because they lack "socialization." It's a challenge that reaches right to the heart of home-schooling, because if a child isn't properly socialized, how will that child be able to contribute to society?

Homeschooling Grows Up, a study comparing home-schoolers who are now adults with their peers.
When measured against the comparable population:

  • 34 were more socially engaged (69 percent participated in organized activities at least once per week, compared with 48 percent of the comparable population).
  • Average income for home-schoolers also was higher.
  • Home-schoolers also were happier; 67.3 percent described themselves as very happy, compared with 43.8 percent of the comparable population.
  • Almost all of the home-schoolers — 96 percent — thought home-schooling had prepared them well for life.

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The Washington Times


HOME-SCHOOLING: Socialization not a problem


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Behold: the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschooling themattwalshblog

public education vs. home education

  • homeschoolers outperform public schooled kids on standardized tests
  • homeschooled kids are more prepared for college,
  • homeschoolers achieve a higher 4th year GPA

homeschooled kids aren’t properly socialized.

It’s an argument that seems to march on, even after it’s been disproven, discredited, deconstructed…an article (here) cites at least two different studies proving this assertion to be a myth.


Read how Home Schoolers Perform in College.

Read how Academic Testing Proves Home Schooling Works.


One-on-one, self-paced education works

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