I am so glad you have chosen to consider us as your partner in the most important responsibility you have as a parent, preparing the next generation of responsible adults.  It is so exciting to be in the planning process for the upcoming school year. We admit new students who qualify in accordance with the Admission Policy and the date and time we receive each completed application until such time as classes are full. Once enrollment reaches capacity, all new applicants will be wait-listed.
Although we hope to partner with you, we want all parents to make this decision consciously through research and prayer.  Our Admissions process aims to help you reach a truly informed choice. Take time to exam our website and review the information provided about our curriculum tuition, and the processes we use in providing a superior education for your child. Please take the time to visit us – and any school you may be considering. Tours are a wonderful way to see the school, meet the staff and catch the vision.
As a parent, you are delegating the responsibility of educating your child to someone else. What are they teaching? Does it align with your values? Secular education not only teaches students that God is irrelevant, but sameness in curriculum, instruction and testing; thus removing independent thought and critical thinking skills. How true is this in the modern education system? 
Crossroads is not here to produce co-dependant students who conform to the norms of society, mass opinion, or what popular culture dictates as truth. We decline global education and bring education back to the individual. One of my favorite quotes is “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”  Crossroads develops students academically and socially into engaged, independent learners and competent decision makers with character focus on respect, ownership, accountability and responsibility.  Our motto is simple: academically advanced, globally prepared, courageously Christian.
Crossroads strives to serve parents who are seeking to educate their children in God's truth.  At Crossroads, we will faithfully provide a challenging and enriched college preparatory Christ‐centered education.
Again, thank you for your interest in considering Crossroads your school of choice.  
I look forward to meeting you and your family.
Shannon Mitchamore
Teaching the Mind ~ Training the Heart
Member, Texas Home School Coalition
Member, Home School Legal Defense Association
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