Arbor Academy: Specialized Resource Study and Life Skills

Specialized Resource Study and Life Skills: Arbor at the Crossroads
Flexible Personalized Learning. One-On-One. Small Group. Self-Paced Instruction. Limited enrollment.
Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people standing and people sittingStudents receive specialized resource study and  life skills  with Lara Parker, program director for Arbor Academy @ the Crossroads.  We are the only private school that offers inclusion and mainstream classrooms.
  • Academics: individualized life goals
  • Community service projects
  • Student Led Chapel
  • Inclusion & Mainstream Classrooms
  • Community Outreach
  • Field Trips
  • Special Olympics
  • Off-Campus Home and Acreage for Lifeskills, Agriculture, 4-H.
  • Life-skills can include: Farming, Cooking, Cleaning, Home Maintenance and more.

Lara Parker provides a comprehensive special education program serving the individual academic, social, emotional, and career education needs of each of her students.
The Arbor program develops and implements individualized educational programs that ensure each student reaches his or her highest level of achievement and independence to help them to become contributing members of their communities.
Functional and life skills education are provided and an extensive career education and school-to-work transition program prepares students for adult life. Social Skills or “soft skills” are emphasized to maximize each student’s ability to participate in various social settings in the greater community.
With a history of serving students with disabilities, Lara’s mission, curriculum, facilities and supporters are focused on meeting the academic, career and life needs of its students and supporting their families as their children grow. 


Learning for Life

  • Safety
  • Calendar
  • Self-concept
  • Parts of the Body
  • Grooming
  • Clothing Care
  • Dressing
  • Human Growth & Development
  • Nutrition
  • Wellness
  • Table Manners
  • Meal Preparation


  • Managing Finances
    • How to count money/make change
    • Personal budgeting
    • Checkbook management
    • Credit Card management
  • Decision-making skills
    • How to get Help
    • Knowing the Consequences of a Bad Decision
    • Developing and Evaluating Alternatives
    • Developing Goals
  • Vocational Opportunities
    • Rewards of Work
    • Sources of Training
    • How Work relates to Developing Self-Esteem
    • Job Classifications
  • Planning & Preparation
    • Identifying Vocational Interests
    • Choosing a Job
    • Identifying Requirements
    • Abilities and Skills
  • Mental Skills needed for Good Work Habits
    • Following Directions
    • Importance of Punctuality
    • Being a Team Member
    • Understanding Authority
  • Seeking a Job
    • Looking for a Job
    • Applying for a Job
    • Interviewing for a Job
    • Understanding Job Standards


Life at Arbor Academy:





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Over 250 athletes from all around the Crossroads and Arbor student Jack McHale carried the torch at the VISD track meet.

Out of 1,885 athletes, Ryan Ruterbories carried the torch at the state bowling opening ceremonies to represent our region for the Area 2 South Texas Region Special Olympics in Austin Texas.


                     Service field trips

Victoria Christians Assistance Ministries (VCAM) – organized a food and volunteered in clothing room.

Field trips to:

Weekly off-campus home for life-skills 

Victoria educational gardens

Victoria livestock show

West farms and nursery

Various restaurants for positive behavior rewards

Cinemark movies

Sam’s Club & HEB grocery shopping

Century Lanes for bowling competition practice

Liberty track for Special Olympics track & field practice

Drove to Houston and adopted a rescue therapy dog.

Vets Office:  Dr Beck and his staff taught us all about animal care and a puppies first visit

Life at Arbor...join us!

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The mission of the Arbor program is to provide a personalized learning environment to special needs students age thirteen and older. We believe in leading our students into our communities with the life skills necessary to become integral and productive citizens.


Program Director: Lara Parker 361-676-6495


The Arbor Academy Program is officially a branch of Crossroads Christian School: Arbor at the Crossroads.